Waiting for Collaboration between FISIP UB and FISIPOL UGM

Collaboration will soon be carried out by FISIP Universitas Brawijaya with FISIPOL Universitas Gajah Mada. This is after both parties discussed the implementation of the MoA, Monday (26/9/2022) in the 7th floor meeting room of FISIP UB.

The Dean of Fisipiol UGM, Wawan Mas’udi, SIP., MPA., Ph.D revealed that the discussion on the implementation of cooperation between FISIP UB and Fisipol UGM will be strategic for development in various aspects.

“Moreover, this faculty has the same large number of students, is developing, and tries to move with academic innovation, research and community service,” he said.

According to Wawan Mas’udi, both parties are currently in the stage of discussing the implementation of the cooperation agreement that both parties agreed a few months ago.

“I believe (with this collaboration) in the future FISIP UB and Fisipol UGM will not only be for deans or lecturers, but also for relations at the student level as the best talents who are studying at Fisipol UGM or UB,” he explained.

Discussion on the implementation of MoA FISIP UB and FISIPOL UGM. (Photo: FISIP Public Relations)

Meanwhile, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs FISIP UB, Dr.rer.pol. M. Faishal Aminuddin, S.S, M.Si revealed that there were 4 areas that were agreed upon as the implementation stage of the cooperation agreement between the two parties.

“There are 4 areas that we then collaborate on, the first to do joint research between experts in FISIP UB and Fisipol UGM in several fields related to sociology, communication politics,” he said.

Furthermore, there will also be student exchanges and a joint platform so that lecturers at FISIP UB and Fisipol UGM can exchange information about teaching materials and organize lectures by involving students from both parties.

“Other areas provide space for FISIP UB, especially for lecturers who will continue their studies within the framework of UGM research so that this can expand our research repertoire in other places,” he said.

Faishal Aminuddin emphasized that both parties also plan to build a long-term system related to MBKM that contributes to each other between the two parties.

“This is the entrance for student exchange which will not only be an ordinary student exchange but can be Real Work Lecture to entrepreneurship. I think this collaboration will be very promising,” he concluded.  [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]