Reaping Wisdom of Rasulullah SAW Isra’ Mi’raj into the Work Activities

Isra ‘Mi’raj is an important event in the life of the Prophet Muhammad SAW which becomes the basis for a Muslim to practice worship. The journey of the Prophet Muhammad started at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, then to the Aqsa Mosque in Baitul Maqdis, then headed for Sidrotul Muntaha in the Seventh Heaven. Apart from the greatest gift from Allah in the form of prayer 5 times a day, we seldom know the 3 “souvenirs” of Rasulullah from Isra ‘Mi’raj to his people.

According to Ustadz Wijayanto as the speaker of the Tabligh Akbar event with the theme “Reflecting on the Meanings and Wisdom behind the Isra ‘Mi’raj of Prophet Muhammad SAW in Life Together with the Covid-19 Pandemic” held by Raden Patah Mosque UB, Monday (15/3/2021). The people of Rasulullah only picked one gift from Rasulullah in Isra ‘Mi’raj but many did not know the other gifts implied in this event.

“The three“ souvenirs ”of Rasululah SAW during Isra ‘Mir’raj are the solution for the people in facing the COVID 19 pandemic that has hit all people in the world. Prayer is the first souvenir that becomes the pillar of Islam and is a pillar of religion. The second is the last 2 verses of Al Baqarah and the third is the strengthening of faith, “said Ustadz Wijayanto.

In front of the 500 of “zoomiyah” community, he explained the wisdom of Isra Mi’raj Rasulullah SAW is patience in undergoing calamities and pressures from all aspects of life as experienced by Rasulullah SAW at that time.

“Facing the pandemic that has occurred throughout the world, Muslims must be patient, happy and grateful because behind Allah bringing down the Covid 19 virus, there will be many conveniences, one of which is that we are getting closer to our family, which so far we have been too busy with world affairs so we neglect our little family”. said the cleric who runs the Bina Anak Soleh Islamic Boarding School.

Besides, the most important thing that was explained by Ustadz Wijayanto in Rasulullah Isra Mi’raj was Character Building. Strengthening character through strengthening of faith will guide a Muslim to become a Muslim leader who has a strong mind who can withstand all worldly temptations and always tawadhu and only hopes for the blessing of Allah SWT. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]