Through Yourney, UB Students Help Recover Indonesian Tourism

Tourism is one of the attractions that Indonesia has. With the condition of the area that stretches from west to east, it gives Indonesia many choices of tourist destinations that can be explored. The recovery of tourism after the pandemic should also be considered so that it can return to life, return to being excellent.

Departing from this concern, a cross-college student group initiated Yourney, a travel planning application that can make it easier for users. Yourney was initiated by Aulia Annisa from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya. This application was designed by Aulia along with five colleagues from Telkom University, Langlangbuana University and STMIK West Java during their time as participants of Bangkit Academy in 2022.

Yourney, according to Aulia, is a travel recommendation application. “This application gives users the option to choose a tourist destination based on their interests. We see this problem from within the country when Indonesia and the world are in a new normal period after the pandemic. But in reality, Indonesia is no longer the new normal, but the next normal phase, when the vaccine has been received and distributed until Indonesia is in a period of economic recovery,” she explained.

“We chose the tourism sector because from the pandemic period one of the affected areas was the tourism sector. With the hope of restoring the Indonesian economy through the tourism sector, we finally chose the topic of traveling,” she said.

To users, Yourney offers travel solutions by choosing a destination to get to the location of choice without thinking about accommodation with one click. “Yourney is a project to create an application that recommends users to choose tourist destinations in the form of tour packages based on the users interests using AI Machine Learning,” explained this Statistics student.

Currently, Yourney is in the development stage to prepare for a release at the end of this year. “For Yourney, there are 3 divisions for application development. namely Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and Mobile Development. Currently, we are still looking for partnerships with several travel agents, one of which is Ngetour (a travel agent in Bandung). We target local destinations first, for the initial stage we are only based in Indonesia. Specifically, it is more than the travel agent which provides the availability of tour packages.

Yourney is one of the top 15 Capstone Best Product projects that received funding of IDR 140,000,000 from Google and Dikti, and is currently being incubated at Bandung Techno Park. (VQ/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)