Maulana Hafshyar, the Ambassador of the East Java Environment from UB Kediri

Maulana Hafshyar, student of PSDKU UB Kediri

Universitas Brawijaya students gain achievements again. This time, Maulana Hafshyar from the Department of Agroecotechnology, PSDKU UB Kediri was titled the Environment Ambassador 2023, representing Kediri City. This award was carried out on Sunday (7/5/2023) at Ciputra World Mall Surabaya.

The competition that Maulana had to go through was quite fierce. Not only competing with participants from other tertiary institutions and high schools, he also had to compete with Difya Ayu who also came from UB and lined up as runner up 2.

“We have to set aside 210 participants in the initial stages. Then it shrank to 210 participants in quarantine until in the final round to 15 participants. The selection starts from the written test stage, interview, pre -quarantine, quarantine to the grand finale, “he said.

In the grand final stage, Maulana and 15 others were given a motion challenge or question from the jury. At this stage, Maulana must explain her opinion about the conversion of agricultural functions into settlements. “If the conversion of the function of agricultural land into settlements, will certainly have an impact on the soil ecosystem and can damage the microorganisms in the soil and greening on the earth will continue to disappear, therefore oxygen originating from plants for the livelihood of living things will also disappear” , he explained.

East Java Environment Ambassador 2023

Not only that, he was also presented with questions about plant -producing plants in Indonesia. “In my opinion, Indonesia has a lot of plants that can be used as vegetable fuel, examples of plants that can be used as vegetable fuel, namely coffee plants and oil palm plants, where coffee plants can be taken to be used as vegetable fuel which has high economic value other than we can also reduce carbon gas emissions on earth, because of that I invite millennial generation to be able to make maximum use of plants that can potentially be used as biofuel, because what we do at this time will have a positive impact for the greening of the environment in the future, “said this 2020 batch student.

After competing at the provincial level, in the near future Maulana will continue his struggle as a representative of East Java at the National Environment Ambassador event held in July in Makassar. “Please pray and support to friends and all stakeholders in Universitas Brawijaya, “he hoped. (VQ/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)