General Courses Repair the Nation’s Morale

Speakers and UB's Rector had a photo session after MKU's workshop In partnership with Clerkship and General Secretariat of Constitutional Court (Mahkamah Konstitusi/MK), Technical Supporting Unit of General Courses (UPT-MKU) University of Brawijaya organized a workshop “Pancasila Character Education Through personality Development Courses in Higher Education”. The event organized for three days (11-13/Dec/2015) at Aria Gajayana Hotel in Malang.

Besides as strengthening of personality development courses particularly Pancasila, Citizenship, Religion, and Bahasa Indonesia, the workshop also motivated by concerns of many entities in related with current nation’s mentality and morality. Thus as said by Head of UPT-MKU University of Brawijaya, Dr. Muchamad Ali Safaat, S.H., M.H.

Added by the lecturer of Faculty of Law, several strategic issues organizing of the event are firstly, fears of the emergence radical groups and movements in public who try to replace Pancasila as basis life of the nation. Secondly, improving Pancasila-identity development for young generations, particularly students.

The Constitutional Court expert-staff mention that will improve quality of personality development courses and thus becomes subjects which could be referrals in answering many problems in the motherland. Although this future goal is heavy to be implemented, breakthroughs in answering growing issues remain to be steps should be done. [mku/siti rahma/Humas UB/trans. Denok]