The Future of Unibraw is Determined by Young People Under 35 Years

Universitas Brawijaya (Unibraw) today (5/1) commemorate the 42nd anniversary. In his speech during flag ceremony at Main Office field of Unibraw on Wednesday (5/1), Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. Bambang Guritno mentioned that “like a human being, at the age of 40 years is the figure of a person who has high idealism and treading the performance peak”. “Next ten up to fifteen years, according to Rector, the existence of Unibraw is highly determined by the people who is recently under 35 years old”.

The wisdom of Rector, for the last two years will not recommend lecturers at age under 35 years old to pursue their study in the country. That lecturers are encouraged to pursue their study overseas.

Accomplishments Achieved

On that occasion, Rector mentioned some achievements prominent achievement to be reached during ayear ago. He said, various encouraging results in 2004 in related with academic culture development has achieved and demonstrated by Unibraw students. Such achievements as, took the second winner in the 11th National Scientific Week in Bandung, General Champion at scientific paper competition at Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (LIPI), an FTP student is elected as IAAS (International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences Students) Vice President in Brussel, Belgia and other number of winners in many scientific competition which done by various profession institution. In the level of lecturer, Prof. Dr. Liliek Sulistyowati from Agricultural Faculty has received Riset Unggulan Terpadu Internasional (RUTI), and many other lecturers who win research competition funds in national level held by Dikti, Ministry of Research and Technology, LIPI and other departments in Indonesia.

Cooperation and Education

Cooperation with overseas parties also need to be improved. The things proved with the existence of lecturer assistance for 9 months up to 2 years from Canada, Japan, French, United States of America, and Korea. While in the short run has convened a short course, symposium and seminar which is being held by cooperation with United States of America, Germany, The Netherlands, England, Australia and Japan.

In the academic year of 2005/2006, Unibraw can establish a double degree program with universities in Japan. In order to be able to realize Unibraw vision, recently around 60 lecturers of Unibraw is pursuing their postgraduate program overseas. As commonly known, the theme of Dies Natalies is “Development of Academic Culture and Partnership to Improve Universitas Brawijaya’s Image Which is Dynamic and High Competitive Power”. The theme is not separated from the efforts to embody the vision of Universitas Brawijaya that is “Becoming the Leading College and Beyond the National Boundaries”.

Natural Disaster Aid

Talked about natural disasters, Rector said, while Unibraw commemorate its anniversary, our country is being ht by natural disaster in Alor, Nabre and the biggest is happened in North Suamatera and Aceh. Therefore Unversitas Brawijaya as a part of Indonesia has tried to show its concern to help the victims by raise funds from extended family of Unversitas Brawijaya. According to Rector’s circularize, the administrative staff fund Rp. 2500; golongan II Rp. 5000 while golongan III and IV either administrative staff or lecturer, of each will donate Rp. 10000 and Rp. 25000. Faculties and institutions in Universitas Brawijaya will donate in range of Rp. 5 – 10 million, depend on each ability. Moreover, faculty and university leaders will help in range between Rp. 250.000 – Rp. 1 million. While a student at the time of the even semester re-enrollment, will gathered Rp. 1000 of each student. A day before the 42nd Unibraw anniversary, has submitted a donation of Rp. 100 million in total. In addition to fundraising, medical volunteers team and students also will be departed. Currently awaiting departure time, which is well coordinated by the provincial government of East Java, Indonesian Medical societies (IDI), the Department of Health, and Media Group.


In framework of the 42nd Dies Natalies, Universitas Brawijaya also present awards into 22 civil servants who is retired, retired widow/widower, and also awards in the form of tuition fee exemption for students and activities unit which has aromatize the name of Universitas Brawijaya either in national or regional level. [translated by denok]


  From Arsip