Mangku Purnowo,Ph,D, The Initiator of Kampung Tangguh in East Java

The Figure of Kampung Tangguh: Mangku Purnomo

Behind the success of the resilient village (Kampung Tangguh) which is currently become a pilot in East Java, there is a figure who initiates its establishment, he is Mangku Purnomo SP., M.Sc., Ph.D a member of the UB COVID-19 Task Force Team.

Initially, Mangku who was in charge of producing handsanitizer for UB, was concerned about the increase of the virus and the problems that had spread.

Mangku admits that the COVID-19 pandemic, which is difficult to predict when it ends, makes the government and apparatus have limitations in overcoming existing problems.

This is the background that there must be an effort of mutual cooperation in the village level or grass root. “Based on that, Kol (inf) Zainuddin Korem commander 083 Baladika Jaya and me made a conceptual framework assisted by UB experts in medicine, public health, food security, economics, politics as well as law and defense and security, “said the man who currently serves as Vice Dean II of FP UB.After the concept was finished, it was tested on several areas, such as the villages around campus and Cempluk village.

“In the Cempluk Village, it was attended by Danrem, Malang Regent, Dandim and Kapolrest. After the simulation, the LSSR manual book village was formulated,” said this 43-year-old man.

Kampung Tangguh has 7 toughness criteria, namely strong logistics, tough human resources (HR), tough information, tough health, tough security and order, tough culture, and psychological tough.

At present, there are 100 villages (RW) trained on how to handle and overcome the impact of the spread of COVID-19.

The program has spread in cities and regencies throughout East Java, even in several villages outside Java.

In the process of improving Kampung Tangguh, to strengthen the concept, the existing SOPs were tested in Malang after previously being tested in Malang Regency, namely Kampung Putih, Klojen and Kampung Narubuk, Sukun.

“During the trial, the UB Task Force and Malang Unite Against Corona (MBLC) installed resilient villages in the city of Malang to 60 resilient villages.

After East Java Governor, Khofifah Indar Parawansa, appreciated the visit to Narubuk and eventually it became the Malang and East Java program, “Mangku said.

Even though at this time, Kampung Tangguh is a pilot model of East Java, Mangku Purnomo and the UB Covid-19 Task Force continues to socialize and educate public in overcoming and fighting COVID-19.

He and the UB COVID-19 Task Force Team educated the residents of the village around UB about the corpses handling of the Corona infected patients in Kalisongo Village, Dau District, Malang Regency.

Because of its success, other villagers joined the Kampung Tangguh program against COVID-19.

Currently the Kampung Tangguh Malang Raya program is adopted by the Governor of East Java to be implemented in all villages (RW) in East Java. The Governor even came several times in Malang to form Kampung Tangguh, including at Sukun (Narubuk Village) and Kampung Tangguh in Singosari, Malang Regency.

With the presence of Kampung Tangguh in Malang Raya and in East Java, it is expected to be able to overcome the impact caused by COVID-19. [Oky Dian / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir].