Utilizing Lemon Over Production, a Group of FIA Students Produce LEMBO

Tawangargo Village is one of the centers of agriculture and plantations in Malang Regency. With different topography of village areas, making village areas have different results of natural resources. For example, in Dusun Boro, which is located at the foot of Mount Mujur, this village has many vegetable and fruit plantations.

One of the results of fruit plantations in Boro hamlet is lemons. However, the results of the lemon plantations themselves have not been maximized in processing, marketing, and also sales. “Lemons that have a higher selling price are those that are relatively young, while lemons that have ripened on a tree or are older usually have a lower price, so these lemons are left alone,” said Syifa Chairunnisa, a representative of the Real Work Lecture participants from Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya.

Syifa and 13 other students held a socialization on the processing of lemon products, in collaboration with the Research Institute for Citrus and Subtropical Fruits (Balitjestro). This training is intended to help increase the selling value of ripe lemon trees, as well as to improve the economy of the local community.

“From this socialization, Lembo or Lemon Boro was born, as the only processed lemon product in Boro hamlet,” he said. The socialization of lemon product processing is expected to maximize processing, marketing, and sales. In addition, this socialization aims to make the community have innovations in processing their plantation products. With this Lembo product, it is hoped that the community can survive in the midst of unstable lemon prices, and can boost the economy of the local community.

This socialization received a good response from the local community, as evidenced by the enthusiasm of the community in participating in the socialization of lemon product processing. “We express our gratitude to FIA UB students who have held a socialization of lemon processing products so that we get new innovations in processing our lemon harvest,” said Sri as a resident representative. (Syifa/VQ/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)