Vocational Student Wins the Title of ‘Putri Pariwisata Nusantara’

Afida Salsabila Azzahra

Afida Salsabila Azzahra, a student of batch 2019 Business Administration Study Program, Vocational Education Program Universitas Brawijaya (UB) made another achievement.

After being crowned as the Princess of East Java Tourism 2020, this time Fida, as her nickname, successfully won the title of Putri Pariwisata Nusantara (Princess of Archipelago Tourism) 2021.

This beauty contest award took place on Saturday night (20/03/2021) virtually through the Zoom platform and YouTube El John Pageants.

Putri Pariwisata Nusantara 2021 was held with the theme “Revival of Indonesia” or the Awakening of Indonesian Tourism.

The selection of Putri Pariwisata Nusantara 2021 is the 14th time presented by the EL JOHN Indonesia Foundation and EL JOHN Pageants.

After undergoing a quarantine period in February-March, 42 finalists appeared on the night of the grand finale.

The jury must choose the best ten finalists to enter the top ten.

The finalists, who passed the top 10, were asked questions by the jury.

The jury again determines who is entitled to qualify for the top five, based on the highest assessment.

In the top five, the finalists who were re-elected answered the questions given by the jury and after all stages were completed, the jury finally chose Afida Salsabilla Azzahra as Putri Pariwisata Nusantara 2021.

“In accordance with my life motto, do the best and spread the kindness. As a young generation, I always believe that my life will be meaningful when I can always provide benefits to the environment around, “she said.

That is the reason the student from Blitar participated in the beauty contest.

In this contest, Fida carried a platform for her ideas called Bakti Negeri. Bakti Negeri is a form of concern for the community in order to achieve an increase in human resources that focuses on tourism, education, UKM, the environment to remote parts of the country.

This platform has been running since 2020 and realized in her hometown, Blitar.

Since its inception until now, Bakti Negeri has carried out many activities, including socialization of service excellence, guiding, and advertising with tourism realization group, socialization of digital marketing with UKM, building a reading garden Basagita Usara, making promotional videos for the tourism potential of Tumpakkongga Village, and tree planting in Gayasan Beach area.

Fida is determined to develop her own potential and collaborates with Putra Putri Wisata from other regions to jointly continue the National Service in their respective regions.

“There are so many great things from great people at Putra Putri Pariwisata Nusantara that I can use in learning to become a much better person.

Beside experience and achievements, I can also get extensive relationships here to open new doors in my life and continue the steps of Bakti Negeri, not only in East Java but throughout Indonesia with the cooperation between Putra Putri Wisata Nusantara from their respective provinces, “she said.

Fida also advised all young generations, especially UB students, to always work and care for the surrounding environment.

“Get to know your potential, weaknesses or strengths. Believe that every human being has their own strengths and weaknesses, and keep working. Don’t make weakness as a challenge or barrier to achieving your goals. Don’t forget to be aware of the surrounding environment, moreover it beneficial to the community, “she said.

From this event, Fida received several rewards, namely a crown, trophy, sash, and cash. (VIK / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).