Vocational Student Wins Miss Mega Bintang East Java 2024

Shinta Indah Permata Sari While Receiving Award

Student of the Hotel Management Study Program, Vocational Faculty Class of 2023, Shinta Indah Permata Sari, was successfully crowned as Miss Mega Bintang East Java 2024.

After her victory at the Miss Mega Bintang East Java 2024 event, Shinta immediately received an invitation to do a radio broadcast and photo session. Her background as Miss Cilacap Regency Tourism Ambassador in 2022 provides a strong foundation for her interest in the tourism and hospitality sector. Her desire to become an Emirates flight attendant was an important factor in choosing the Hotel Management Study Program at the Brawijaya Vocational Faculty.

Choosing this educational path compared to flight attendant education, Shinta wants to hone her hospitality skills and expand her network to achieve her dream of becoming a flight attendant. Her career journey as Miss Mega Bintang began with her participation as Putra Putri Brawijaya Ambassador, being invited for a photo session by a senior, and being introduced to the agency which is now becoming Shinta team.

The Miss Mega Bintang East Java 2024 event is not just a beauty contest for Shinta. According to her, this is an extraordinary step from her role as the Flag Hoisting Troops which is related to the world of modeling. Intensive preparations, including photo sessions, public speaking classes, and quarantine at two hotels, Vasa Hotel Surabaya and Ascent Hotel Malang, brought Shinta to the Grand Final on January 26.

The challenges that Shinta faced during her preparations, from financial limitations to team support, are all part of her story. Through struggle and insecurity, Shinta succeeded in proving that uncertainty can be turned into positive motivation.

“Insecurity is necessary, since from there we know where we are lacking, and what we need to develop, change insecurity into something positive,” said Shinta

Behind her success, Shinta has gone through a journey full of sacrifices. Her main motivation is to improve her mother’s status. From Paskibraka, Miss Cilacap Tourism Ambassador, to becoming Miss Mega Bintang East Java 2024, hopefully Shinta’s journey will inspire many people. (SBT/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)