Vocational Students Held Creanomic in the Midst of Pandemic

The Students of Vocational Education Program Held Creanomic or Creative Economy Innovation.

Even though it is carried out online, Creanomic 2020 still presents an offline venue in the Vocational building Universitas Brawijaya which is used for moderators and MC.

This year, Creanomic 2020 presents new events such as virtual art exhibitions, webinars, and national and international university competitions.

The Creanomic 2020 event is held in series, from November to December 2020.

This year, the competitions that are held by Creanomic are essay contest, business plan, short movie on a national scale and photography competition on an international scale.

Meanwhile, the Creanomic 2020 webinar presented three great speakers, namely Jessica Amelia (Owner Raecca) with the theme Implementing the Role of Youth in National Economic Development, Sylvia Surya (CO-Founder of Kopi Soe) with the theme Business Action during the Pandemic, and Gita Savitri (Content Creator, Influencer, Business Woman) with the theme Millennial, What Can You Do? “Build a Creative Business: Profitability and Sustainability”.

“This webinar is purposed to inspire, educate entertain, and challenge the participants, which is presented in the form of webinars, competitions and also a virtual art exhibition. Very good presentation in terms of visuals using decorations stage such as in TV studios. Not forgetting to pay attention to friends with disabilities, the committee uses a sign translator so that all students can take part in the webinar, “explained Cicavilana as the chief executive.

The last series of Creanomic 2020 is by presenting a Virtual Art Exhibition which will display 2D and 3D posters or paintings, website design, short movie videos, interface design, and animation design made by all vocational students of Universitas Brawijaya and will also display the best photos from the winners of the competition. International Photography Competition. (BLA / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)