UB Student Choose as Joko of Malang District 2016

Faried Fadillah Miranda bersama Roro Reva PradistiStudents of Chemical Engineering Study Program, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (FT-UB), Faried Fadillah Miranda was selected as Joko of Malang District 2016. Faried crowned alongside the Roro, Reva Pradisti, SMA Negeri 2 Malang, as Malang District Ambassador of Tourism.

The final and also the crowning night of Joko Roro Malang held on Monday, August 1, 2016, in the Unggul Building, Jalan Raya Karanglo, Malang District. In the final round of the contest organized by the Department of Culture and Tourism, Faried and Reva successfully set aside 28 other finalists.

“Actually I did it to spend my spare time while writing my thesis. But in the process we get a satisfactory result,” Faried said when met at the department of Chemical Engineering lecture hall, Monday, August 8, 2016.

Farid who once a radio announcer continued before being elected Joko of Malang District, he must first undergo three stages of selection. In the first stage, Faried together with approximately 300 other participants have to undergo a written test and a brief interview with the jury.

The second stage of the test, leaving 50 participants only. In this second test, Faried has a serious interview with 5-6 juries and also had a focus group discussion about the potential of tourism in Malang Distict.

Then in the third stage of the test, each participant was tested for their talents and presentation skills on the tourism. In a talent test, Faried show off his ability to cook chicken lemon sauce recipe, his specialty.

“After selected as ambassador, our main task is  to promote the tourism potential of Malang District, mentoring official or important guests, or even become a representative of Malang District in the event hold in the other city or districts,” explained student who had just completed his thesis trial.

In promoting the tourism potential of Malang Regency, Faried has his own tips from his own experience. Lately, Malang district travel trends this year is on environmentally sound tourism activity or ecotourism.

“Ecotourism is closely related to a green lifestyle. With my experience during my time in Earth Hour Malang, this theme is highly correlated,” he explained.

As a Malang youth, Faried will promote the abundant tourism potential of Malang District using social media. Coincidentally in his social media account Faried often post environmental themed messages.

Faried proud with the accomplishments he achieved. Moreover, this achievement can bring pride to those nearby and alma mater.

“In the future I want to perform this mandate well as Joko Malang and continue to apply the knowledge I had acquired in college,” he said. (And/mic/Humas UB)