UB Students Give Positive Responses to the Opening of Offline Service

The opening of UB Library offline service is warmly welcomed by Universitas Brawijaya students. This can be seen from the enthusiasm of the students who came from the first day until now. They have wanted UB Library to open offline services even though the pandemic is not over yet because it requires direct access to the final project collection.

“With the opening of this physical service, it will have a lot of influence on my thesis work because UB Library provides literature facilities, besides the situation is really supportive, the conditions are calm and there are not many distractions like at home. For example, the interference from outside such as neighbors or passers-by. I am very grateful for the reopening of UB Library,” said Reza Nugraha, a graduate student of Communication Science FISIP who is working on his thesis.

Likewise, UB student named Ulya Nur Hamima. Law Faculty students who have been forced to return to her home in Blitar since the pandemic have found it difficult to get references to work on her thesis.

Alhamdulillah, finding references related to thesis work has become easier. Because we could only borrow books online previously. We are now able to read on the spot, looking for references to undergraduate theses, theses and dissertations can be done directly. This is really helpful. Especially since at the entrance, the Health protocol is implemented properly and correctly, so that UB students don’t have to worry about coming to the UB Library,” said Ulya.

In line with Ulya, Adhyaksa Aulia Wibowo, Faculty of Economics and Business, 7th Semester said that the opening of UB Library’s physical services makes it easier for students to find references for student assignments. (IWN/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).