UB Students Experience Teaching in Border Area through Independent Learning Program

The Independent Learning Program is implemented in Universitas Brawijaya (UB) for one year. There are many benefits that can be taken from the program, one of them is increasing teaching experience at the border and remote area.

The Coordinator of Academic Section, Heri Prawoto explained that there are many activities carried out by UB’s students through the Independent Learning program, which are the Teaching Campus, Bangkit Program, student exchange between campuses where students can attend lectures at other campuses in Indonesia.

“Other activities that students can participate in are taking internships at large companies, the internship certificate can add evidence of students’ potential when they graduate,” said Heri.

Not only learning experience, for students who attend a teaching campus, they will feel how challenging it is to be a teacher, especially if they have to teach in border and remote areas that are far from access from the city, which of course has many limitations.

“Of course, in border areas with limited facilities, this will increase the love for the homeland and a higher sense of caring for the people in remote area,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Faculty of Computer Science (Filkom) received funding from Dikti as the Center of Excellence for Independent Learning Independent Campus (MBKM).

The funding is used for the preparation of various detailed guideline and SOP for MBKM.

“In the last two semesters, several activities that have been carried out are cross-study courses, in this case, cross-disciplinary with other universities, industrial internship students, entrepreneurship and many of them are certified independent study activities such as Bangkit program which was attended by 50 Filkom students,” said the Vice Dean I Filkom, Herman Tolle, Dr. Eng., S.T., M.T.

According to Herman, the Independent Learning Program is beneficial for students. Meanwhile, lecturers need to improve their role and impact.

“The benefit for students is the opportunity to get learning from outside their study program, can learn from the industry directly, and get a recognized certificate. For lecturers, it does not seem to have much impact besides being a supervisor for the activities, and there are also lecturers who teach other campus students who are required to provide better teaching, there are several grants and financial assistance to support that.

The Independent Learning Program is one of the excellence programs of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (DIKTI).

In the Independent Learning Concept initiated by Minister Nadiem Makarim, students are given the freedom to access knowledge. Sources of knowledge are not limited to classrooms, teachers, but can be outside the classroom, in online media or the internet, libraries, and also in the surrounding environment. Teachers are no longer the main source.

Until now, UB has participated in six MBKM programs, which are Permata Sakti Student Exchange Program, the Inter-Campus Student Exchange Program based on cooperation between State Higher Education, the Teaching Campus Program, the Outside-Campus Internship Program, and Permata Merdeka Exchange Program by participating in various competition grants in the National Level include: Competitive Fund” or the Independent Campus Competition Program as well as many study programs that have received grants from DIKTI. (OKY/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).