UB Student Win Award of Y20 Youth Leader

Alvian Wardhana, the Winner of Y20 Youth Leader

Speaking at prestigious international forums is a golden opportunity for youth. Including Alvian Wardhana. He is a student at Universitas Brawijaya who got a golden opportunity to become a delegate in the Y20 series. The Y20 Award is an award to recognize and appreciate youth leaders both individually and in groups in the G20 and non-G20 countries who consistently carry out programs or lead organizations and foundations that focus on 4 (four) main areas at Y20.

“The activity that I participated in was the Y20 Summit or the main event where I acted as an observer to see representatives from the G20 countries in formulating policy recommendations on 4 topics, namely youth employment, digital transformation, a sustainable and livable planet, and diversity and inclusion,” explained this 2019 batch student.

“I got the opportunity to be an observer because I received the Y20 Youth Leader Award in the field of Youth Employment. The Observer itself is tasked with observing the progress of the summit in the trial without intervening and providing important notes during the trip to produce a joint communique.” said Alvin.

Alvian took part in the Y20 Youth Leader Award in the field of Youth Employment with very strict selection. The registration system consists of two stages, namely Application Submission, sending videos, letters of recommendation and filling out essays. After the first stage, the top 20 are selected and later the submissions that have been submitted will be re-selected and then the winners for each category will be announced.

From his hard work, Alvian won the Y20 Youth Leader Award in the field of Youth Employment. “I received this award because I founded an NGO called Literasi Anak Banua which focuses on improving the quality of education, especially in the 3T areas and for indigenous peoples in South Kalimantan by providing free lectures, distributing stationery, building libraries and empowering young people who have had an impact in 17 villages and to more than 1,800 children over the last 4 years,” he said.

The requirements that must be met can be said to be quite strict. Young and open to global youth networks, has carried out one or several projects related to youth employment, digital transformation, a sustainable and livable planet and diversity inclusion. Besides, projects that are being worked on must also involve or relate to world organizations, such as the United Nations, the World Bank, the WTO and other organizations or two from the G20 countries.

“It is an honor to be in this award especially since there were only 2 Indonesian representatives who managed to get this award. The Y20 award is also made like a Nobel award for young people so it’s extraordinary. Moreover, by receiving this award, I also had the opportunity to make my project bigger by collaborating with UN agencies,” explained the student of the Faculty of Engineering.

Alvian also has hopes for Y20 in the future, “Hopefully the implementation from Y20 will not stop at policy formulation but will continue in pilot projects and implementation can be carried out equally including the marginalized. Indonesia will hold the G20 presidency for the next 20 years, so there is great hope in the process of a lot of movement and real action on the ground in realizing real goals on the field,” he concluded. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]