UB Student Studies in England and Joins Internship at Mercedes-Benz

Roihan Abdulloh, D3 Information Technology Lecturer, Vocational Faculty, UB

Vocational Faculty student Universitas Brawijaya (UB), Roihan Abdulloh has the opportunity to do an internship at Mercedes-Benz Parts Logistics UK Limited. He got this opportunity after he became the awardee of the Vocational edition of the Indonesian International Mobility Awards (IISMAVO) program by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Through IISMAVO 2022, Roihan has the opportunity to study for one semester at Coventry University, England. And in these lectures, there are several programs that can be selected according to the awardee’s educational background, one of which is the Industrial Experience Program. From the program, he was placed for an internship at Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz Parts Logistics UK Limited is responsible for managing the distribution and logistics of all spare parts in the United Kingdom.

“In this company we work on two projects, namely Warehouse Safety and Data Visualization. The output of the two projects is to increase productivity, safety and efficiency in the warehouse,” said this D3 student of UB Information Technology.

In this internship activity, he was accompanied by an expert mentor from Mercedes-Benz, and was guided by Prof. Benny Tjahjono, namely Professor of Sustainability and Supply Chain Management, Center for Business in Society (CBiS), a leading research center at Coventry University and in charge of the IISMAVO program on the campus.

“The awardees made observations and helped provide solutions to work safety issues at the Mercedes-Benz Parts Logistics warehouse in Milton Keynes. Companies need new views and ideas from awardees regarding work safety in the warehouse. The focus of work safety that Mercedes-Benz is aiming for is the safety of workers from machines operating in the warehouse. Some of the solutions taken to overcome this are line marking updates, sensor installations, and traffic lights,” said Roihan.

Meanwhile, in the Data Visualization project, awardees assist companies to introduce new software. This new method is expected to increase the efficiency of data processing in the warehouse, considering the amount of data that must be quickly reported to the manager for evaluation materials and to determine future steps.

“This new software can replace the previous method which was less efficient, so that time in the warehouse can be put to good use,” added Roihan.

Roihan had the opportunity to study at Coventry, England, since September 5, 2022, and have an internship the following week. At the university, Roihan took the Business and Management program, in line with the areas of interest taken at UB Vocational, namely D-3 Digital Business and E-Commerce.

“I feel proud, as a Vocational student I can represent UB and Indonesia on campuses and leading companies, and can learn directly in big industries such as Mercedes-Benz. I hope that when I return to UB I can help other students who want to take part in IISMA. Besides that, I also hope to be a liaison between UB and Coventry University if they want to collaborate in the future,” he concluded.

Other activities carried out during the IISMAVO program include studying with international students in class and visiting major industries such as Morgan Motor Company, Jaguar Land Rover, Brompton Bicycle, Mini, JCB Tractors, Manchester City Football Club, and Triumph Motorcycles. [Irene/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]