UB Students Introduce Eco-Sociopreneurship Concept to Children

Five students of the Faculty of Agriculture Universitas Brawijaya (FP UB) introduced the concept of Eco-sociopreneurship to children at Putri Aisyah Orphanage Malang through Potty Dolls. This activity aims to foster a spirit of concern for the environment from an early age.

Qonita (FP), Ni Wayan Atik Sarmila Dewi (FP), Aisya Rahma (FP), Dely Dahlia (FP), and Nadya Y Hi Wahid (FP) making potty dolls practice using Montessori Method which focuses on sensory abilities and exploration in children.

In this empowerment activity, the Montessori method is applied at every stage starting from the process of making potty doll planting media such as the creative process of making animal shapes from flannel cloth, forming doll bodies, giving coco peat and husk charcoal, planting seeds, to introduction to marketing.

In this activity, orphanage children are also free to be creative with planting media (potty dolls) that they make according to their respective creativity.

“At the time of socialization to the implementation of the practice of making potty dolls, the children looked happy and excited, they learned new things and gained experience. In addition, they are also still taking care of their plants even though the empowerment has been completed,” said Qonita.

Eco-sociopreneurship has become an important capability in the midst of very rapid digital and technological advances.

However, the lack of facilities and learning methods that are less attractive in the learning process are barriers for children to develop themselves, especially in honing soft skills such as eco-sociopreneurship. (TIM/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).