UB Students Held Djojo De Sari Fashion Week in Tawangsari Village

A number of students who are members of the Village Development and Empowerment Program (P3D) in collaboration with Abdi Desa work program (ABDES) Ministry of Social Community, Student Executive Universitas Brawijaya 2021 held Djojo De Sari Fashion Week with the theme “Raising Culture in the Enchantment of Indonesian Wastra Batik towards a Multinational Economy”.

The batik-themed fashion show is exhibited by UB students, such as ‘Putri Brawijaya Berbakat 2021’, the Malang City Museum and Culture Ambassador, members of the EM UB 2021 Ministry of Social Community and young people from Tawangsari Village, Pujon District, Malang Regency.

The team Leader, Herlin Sri Wijaya explained that Djojo De Sari means Succeed Tawangsari Village. While batik is the potential of Tawangsari Village community that can be explored.

“Before we held the fashion show this time, several efforts had been made, starting with production assistance, marketing, product branding, making of stamped batik, and batik waste management so that it is not pollute the environment,” said Herlin.

Herlin hopes that with the above theme, the P3D Team, ABDES, and the village community can spread the enchantment of batik cloth which is an Indonesian culture that must be preserved through Djojo De Sari batik which can later become a new livelihood for the Tawangsari Village community on a multinational basis.


In addition, the activity which was carried out according to the health protocol was also attended by all village officials, PKK women, and the Department of Industry and Trade (Disparindag) which is a cooperation partner.

This fashion show activity received appreciation from the PIC of Village Development Directorate of Higher Education, Dr. Agus Susilo, S.Pt.,MP.,IPM.,ASEAN Eng, Expert Staff VR III Dr. Agung Pramana Warih Marhendra, M.s, representative of Disparindag Malang Regency.

“The representative of the Department of Industry and Trade, Malang Regency were very impressed with the batik results from the activities carried out by the team with Tawangsari village batik community. Even unexpectedly, Mrs. Ita as a Public Relations of Disparindag immediately invited the batik community of Tawangsari Village to join as a part of Malang Regency batik association,” said Herlin. (HRL/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).