UB Students Initiates Futuristic Dome Concept in the Capital City

Five UB students consisting of Christoforus Kalo Bello Puyanggana (FP 2019), Edwin Setiawan (FP 2019), Qonita (FP 2020), Farel Jonas Soplanit (FP 2020), and Adrian Adam Indrabayu (FT 2019), designed futuristic concepts related to agricultural dome development as one of the efforts to develop the agro-complex sector in the Capital of the Archipelago (IKN) named SMART-AGRODOME.

IKN, which is located in Penajam Paser Utara, East Kalimantan, is an area that mostly consists of peatlands. This causes some types of plants to be difficult to grow, resulting in people in East Kalimantan still having to import vegetables from other areas to meet their existing needs.

To overcome these problems, a sustainable solution is needed in solving existing problems in IKN through the construction of a futuristic dome that can manipulate environmental conditions to optimize the growth of olericulture plants. In addition, the microclimate control system is set to involve humans in accordance with the Society 5.0 concept.

SMART-AGRODOME has a building consisting of 5 floors, namely the 1st floor is the reception room, the 2nd floor is the Aquaponics room, the 3rd floor is the Aeroponics room, the 1st floor is the 1st basement which is filled with cowsheds, and the 2nd floor of the basement is used as microcontroller and warehouse.


The Green Energy Harvesting concept will be implemented by utilizing renewable energy from solar, wind, biogas, pedestrian pressure, and rainwater.

“This innovation design will later be made in the form of output in the form of video ideas, posters, and policy briefs that function to convince policy makers to adopt the SMART-AGRODOME alternative proposal,” said Christoforus, head of the idea project team.

This policy brief, which was made to support the SMART-AGRODOME idea, will later carry information related to legal policies regarding food security in the East Kalimantan region, which can be the outputs for supporting the SMART-AGRODOME project.

The government has tried to develop the IKN area so that it can become a sustainable smart city through various gradual development programs and develop the agricultural sector. However, these efforts require support from various private parties and academics such as students to participate in innovating to create concepts that are able to advance the new nation’s capital city.

Therefore, the collaboration of agricultural students with engineering students from Brawijaya University contributes to the development of the IKN through the detailed design of the SMART-AGRODOME concept.

SMART-AGRODOME is a Student Creativity Program in the Constructive Idea Video field conducted by the Ministry of Education and Culture. (EDN/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).

  From Berita UB