UB Students Made Non-Alcoholic Hand Sanitizer Based on Silver Nanoparticles

Hand sanitizer is one type of antiseptic that is effective and efficient as a substitute for water and soap.

The form of hand sanitizer is usually gel or liquid.

Generally, hand sanitizers on the market have a composition in the form of alcohol (60% – 80%) such as ethanol and a mixture of triclosan compounds to have antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties by destroying and agglomerating cells from the agent.

However, excessive use of this antiseptic and is not good in the same time since it can cause skin irritation and also easy to burn because the main ingredient is alcohol.

FMIPA UB students who are members of the RE PKM team are chaired by Baiq Emalia, consisting of Vita Valiana and Siti Sainidah under the guidance of Dr. Ika Oktavia Wulandari, S.Si., M.Si., m Created a non-alcoholic hand sanitizer gel formulation based on chitosan-modified of silver nanoparticles.

Baiq Emalia explained that these silver nanoparticles are antimicrobial and have been widely applied in the medical world, besides that in several previous studies, their antiviral properties have been proven.

However, to anticipate the uneven size of the nanoparticles, additional chitosan is used as a stabilizing agent since it is antibacterial and safe for the skin.

The method of making silver nanoparticles used by this team is biosynthesis using a bio-reducer in the form of kepok banana peel extract.

The selection of kepok banana peels is because the waste of kepok banana peels is very abundant.

Besides being able to increase the advantage value of waste, the selection of bio-reducer is also considered safer when compared to the use of chemical bio-reducer.

The results obtained also show that non-alcoholic hand sanitizing gel based on silver nanoparticles has higher antibacterial activity value than hand sanitizer gel with 70% alcohol content which is commonly found in the market.

In addition, based on in-silico test, the active ingredient of silver nanoparticles in this hand sanitizer is also antiviral. [Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]