UB Students Succeeded in  the XVI National Paralympic Week in Papua

Ken Swagumilang

Two students of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) won the XVI National Paralympic Week (Peparnas) which was held in Papua some time ago.

They are Ken Swagumilang, a FEB UB student with a physical disability who won a Gold medal for elite male compound archery competition, and Ayu Meilindatul Hikmah, a blind student of Psychology Study Program, FISIP UB, who won a silver medal in women’s shot put sport.

Ayu admitted that Peparnas XVI was her first experience representing UB and the province of Bali.

Ayu Meilindatul Hikmah

“Since it is the first time, preparation to face the National Tournament is for seven months. And I have to take part in various selections so that I can become the representative of the Province of Bali,” said Ayu.

Meanwhile, Ken admitted that there was no special preparation for Peparnas XVI Papua.

“There is no special preparation, actually, it is just that the training has to be minimally stressful,” he said.

Both Ayu and Ken advised fellow disabled friends in UB to stay enthusiastic in pursuing achievements, both academic and non-academic.

“As a student with a disability, you have to keep trying and hone your abilities according to your interests and talents, whether it’s in the fields of sports, arts or others. Who knows from there, you can join the competition and become champions,” he said.

From the results of these medals, they hope that they can motivate other people with disabilities that nothing is impossible as long as they are willing to try to achieve it. (*/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).