UB Students Provide Training on the Processing of Tofu Dregs for Family Welfare Program in Sendang Village

The COVID-19 pandemic has limited people’s activities, especially in finding income. One example is the Family Welfare Program (PKK) of Sendang Village, Kediri, East Java, which has a dual role to provide for the needs of the family.

Efforts that can be made to increase income are by empowering PKK women in Sendang village in the processing and marketing of products made from tofu dregs.

Based on the survey results, there are 79 MSMEs in the village that are able to spend 30 kg of soybeans as ingredients for making tofu. These SMEs are able to produce around 355.5 kg of tofu dregs in a day.

This causes the abundant of tofu waste in Sendang Village. Since it is still not used optimally, it causing environmental pollution. In fact, if it has been processed, the tofu dregs can be processed into high-value and healthy products

This training is given to increase the productivity and economy of PKK women through the use of tofu dregs into products that have selling value and can create an entrepreneurial community.

The PKM PM (Community Service) team, namely Lisa Asaliontin (FMIPA), Miftakhul Pebrianti Ningsih (FMIPA), Shalsa Amalia Yulianto (FMIPA), Razika Natania (FTP), and Jamilatun Faidah (FMIPA) conducted training on the products made from tofu dregs that have high value selling and nutritious.

This activity was carried out in blended meeting (Offline and Online via google meet) followed by PKK women from Sendang Village, Banyakan District, Kediri Regency, East Java by implementing health protocols.

“Tofu dregs will be processed into more useful and nutritious products such as crackers, meatballs, cookies and brownies. In addition, tofu dregs have a fairly high nutritional content, which are 26.6% protein; 18.3% fat, 41.3% carbohydrates in 100 grams of dry weight,” said Jamilatun.

Jamilatun added, on June 27, 2021, an Opening program had been carried out at the hall of Sendang village, and the program has continued until now.

“The response from the PKK women and the head of Sendang village was very positive towards our program, the PKK women were very enthusiastic about participating and cooking new recipes from tofu dregs,” said the team leader. [fai/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir].