UB Students Discuss Agricultural Supply Chain in Y20

One part of the ongoing series of G20 summits in Bali is the Y20 youth conference. This agenda is a follow-up to Communique Y20 in collaboration with Suara Pemuda which was held last October 29-30 in Surakarta.

In this agenda, several UB students took part as presenters in the High Level Panelists. They are Zulfikar Dabby Anwar, Ni Wayan Atik Sarmila Dewi, Dimas Maulana Yusup and Muhammad Putra Ramadhan. According to Zulfikar, who has gone through various stages to become part of this youth conference “From 223 applicants, only 40 of the best participants in Suara Pemuda were taken, one of which was me,” he explained.

In this event, Zulfikar had the opportunity to voice the voices of youth focused on 4 priority issues, namely youth employment, digital transformation, a sustainable and livable planet, as well as diversity and inclusion. “By bringing up supply chain management issues as part of the Sustainable and Liveable Planet issue, #SuperTeam succeeded in making a presentation in front of the High Level Panelists, namely Mr. Emil Elestianto Dardak as Vice Governor of East Java and Mr. Bima Arya as Mayor of Bogor,” he explained. .

“AgriSustain is a mobile application platform that has various features, to maximize market access and agricultural supply chains by implementing the principles of Sustainable Supply Chain Management,” he explained. In this system, added Zulfikar, there are three principles that are implemented, namely the implementation of precision farming, land monitoring and mapping services, contract mechanisms with partners and farmers. “Until now, there has been no institution or startup that has implemented SSCM, and this is an opportunity for AgriSustain to help the welfare of farmers while creating a sustainable agricultural system,” added the student of the Faculty of Agriculture.

Besides presentations, Zulfikar and the team also had the opportunity to participate in various activities with other delegations. “We were directed to take part in the Leadership Talkshow which was held at Mangkunegaran Temple, Surakarta City. This talk show was filled by Ganjar Pranowo as Governor of Central Java, Ridwan Kamil as Governor of West Java, and Gibran Rakabuming Raka as Mayor of Solo,” he explained.

The Leadership Talkshow, Zulfikar added, discussed the importance of youth participation in the progress of the nation, not only through narratives, but also actions and concrete evidence for the community. “Various messages were conveyed by a number of parties today, but one thing that needs to be highlighted is that no idea is perfect. Like a stone, an idea will also receive forging and refinement to make it a perfect sculpture. One key that must be instilled in the younger generation is an idea that will only be wishful thinking when it is not practiced properly, but will become a meaningful benefit if it is implemented properly,” he added.

Today’s journey doesn’t end there, the People’s Party is a series of closing events of the Y20 Post Summit Indonesia. This event was enlivened by the SMEs Bazaar, music performances, theatrical performances, stand up comedy, and art installations taken from the 4 priority issues of the Y20 Indonesia event.

“An opportunity that only comes once in a lifetime to be involved in the Y20 Post Summit event. In addition, the issue of supply chain and precision agriculture is one of the problematic issues in the agricultural sector in Indonesia, so presenting solutions which are then presented to stakeholders will have an impact on improving the agricultural sector in Indonesia,” he concluded. (zulfikar/HUMASUB/ Trans. Iir)