Students of Environmental Engineering Apply Hydroponic Method in Jatiarjo Hamlet

The Family Students of Environmental Engineering (KMTL) held a Social Project with the theme “Anagata Lokatara” which means “Real Service Steps to Save Bumantara in Jatiarjo Hamlet, Gunung Jati Village, Jabung District, Malang Regency, (8/7-10/7/2023).

Jatiarjo Hamlet is known to have a unique environmental landscape, where sugar cane plants grow abundantly and widely around it. However, even though the land covering the area is relatively large, in reality not all of the land is owned by the residents of Jatiarjo Hamlet.

“Residents here only plant in gardens belonging to the Indonesian Air Force, and the majority of us only plant sugar cane,” said Samian, as Head of RT 20.

Based on a series of problems faced by the residents of Jatiarjo Hamlet, the KMTL Social Project 2023 presents four development concepts based on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

One of the SDGs presented was SDGs number 11 with the main goal of creating “Sustainable Cities and Settlements”. The SDGs implementation program takes the form of outreach regarding the hydroponic method as a solution to answer residents’ concerns about the availability of vegetables which can be said to still not meet the needs of the people in the area.

This socialization regarding the hydroponic method was carried out to address the anxiety felt by residents regarding the availability of food, because in this area there is still a lack of sufficient supply of vegetables. This effort is a response to the real challenges currently being faced by the residents of Jatirejo Hamlet.

In this series of outreach activities, the KMTL Social Project is committed to providing an understanding of the concept of hydroponics as an innovative planting method.

The KMTL Social Project not only conveys the basic concept, more than that it also tries to explain the benefits, disadvantages and advantages of using this method.Furthermore, the KMTL Social Project also discusses in detail how to implement the hydroponic planting method, including the tools and materials needed to start planting using this method. In this way, the KMTL Social Project hopes to provide a concrete solution to the challenge of vegetable supply availability for the residents of Jatiarjo Hamlet. (*/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)