Chemical Engineering UB Students Create Yogurt Fermentation Equipment

Fermented processed milk or commonly known as yogurt is in great demand by the public. Especially in pandemic conditions like this, maintaining health is very necessary while considering nutritional intake.

Consumption of yogurt as recommended has many benefits including being rich in nutrients, can be consumed when dieting, being good for digestion, and can even strengthen the immune system in the body.

However, not a few MSMEs producing yogurt milk are still using conventional processes and methods in their manufacture, one of which is the Goatzilla Farm and Café partner in Lumajang Regency.

The yogurt production process at Goatzilla Farm and Café still uses a very simple tool. They use a tightly closed plastic container that is inserted into a Styrofoam box by heating from an incandescent lamp.

Of course, these conditions can cause the resulting yogurt products to not be standardized. The manufacture of yogurt must be in sterile, anaerobic conditions, and with a temperature that is kept constant in the range of 40-45°C so that a good and quality yogurt product is obtained.

As an effort to increase the productivity and quality of yogurt for partners, five Chemical Engineering students, Faculty of Engineering Universitas Brawijaya (FTUB) created a mini fermenter with an automatic temperature and pH control system.

The team consisted of Denisya Eka Faturrohman (FT’19), Kresna Purwandaru (FT’19), Anima Rahmatika Putri (FT’18), Rashieka Putri Maghfiroh (FT’18), and Muhammad Rifki Ridhollah (FT’17).

This yogurt fermenter is equipped with a heating jacket and stirrer motor and is integrated with a pH sensor and a temperature sensor.

From these works, these five students succeeded in obtaining research funds from the Ministry of Education and Culture in the Student Creativity Week in the field of Science and Technology Application.

Under the guidance of Luthfi Kurnia Dewi, S.T., M.T., the team strives to be able to compete in the upcoming XXXIV 2021 National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS).

“Hopefully this innovation can be useful and can be applied by partners as well. We hope that this yogurt fermentation device can increase the productivity and quality of processed yogurt produced by partners.” hope Denisya, representing her team. (humasft)

Mahasiswa Teknik Kimia UB Ciptakan Alat Fermentasi Yogurt