Postgraduate Students Enhance Presentation Skills through Canva in the Library Workshops

Brawijaya University (UB) Library held a workshop on Making Presentations Using Canva as an effort to improve the skills of advanced students in presenting information in an attractive and effective visual manner on Tuesday (26/3/2024). This workshop was attended by around 30 Master’s and Doctoral postgraduate students from various faculties, and took place in Meeting Room 1, UB Library Building.

The material in this workshop was delivered by Ihwan Hariyanto S.AP, UB Library staff who works at Public Relations Section. Ihwan has been using Canva to design various UB Library publication and documentation content. In this workshop, Ihwan shares tips and tricks on how to effectively use Canva to create attractive and professional presentations.

Participants are invited to understand the basics of graphic design, the principles of good layout, and the use of visual elements to increase the attractiveness of their presentations. In addition, they were also given practical guidance on how to use Canva’s features optimally, from selecting templates, setting colors, to inserting images and graphics.

“I felt much helped by this workshop. I learned a lot about how to use Canva to create more attractive and professional presentations,” said one participant.

Head of UB Library, Dr. Iwan Permadi, stated that this workshop was one of various initiatives held by UB Library to support the development of student skills in various fields.

“We hope that this workshop can provide great benefits for Masters and Doctoral students in improving their skills in presenting information visually,” he said.

Ihwan hopes that the presentation making workshop with Canva will be a good first step in strengthening the communication skills of advanced UB students, as well as helping them produce more interesting and effective presentations in the future. (IWN/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)