Psychology Students Bring UB to become a Winner at Seri 1 National Gokart Championship

Zulfikar (center) with the team
right: Muhammad Rizkyanor (team manager)
left: M Ramadhani Harun A (Head Mechanic)

Another achievement was made by Psychology student of Universitas Brawijaya. Raihan Zulfikar was able to win first place in Shifter University category in Eshark Rok Cup Indonesia event which is the national Gokart championship

Not only becoming the first winner in the Shifter University category, Raihan was also able to become the second winner in the Shifter 150 category at the same event. This 2018 Psychology student admitted that the Shifter University category was competed between campuses.

“But starting from 2016/2017 UB is off and not seen in this championship. Fortunately, I am now an active student of Psychology and can take part in the championship,” he said, who also admitted that he had participated in the same championship since 2012 but in a different category.

Zulfikar Podium 1

Before participating in Eshark Rok Cup event in 2022, there is an interesting story that Raihan went through when he wanted to take part in the same event in 2018. His 4 years experiences as a Gokart racer makes this man from Jakarta dare to come to Mechanical Engineering UB to be able to represent campus in the National Championship.

“Around 2018 I came to mechanical engineering and talked to one of the students in the workshop, I saw there was a go-kart. I offered to be a kart racer and also a sponsor of all racing agendas from Mechanical Engineering Universitas Brawijaya,” he said to the Public Relations of FISIP UB.

His experience as a Go-kart racer and also having a vehicle to participate in the race was the reason Raihan offered to be a driver. However, this offer was not accepted since there is a rule in Mechanical Engineering UB that the racers must be from the same major.

Four years ago has passed, Raihan finally appeared in Eshark Rok Cup Indonesia event carrying the name of Universitas Brawijaya. Even though he uses personal funds, he still invites other UB students as companions. The first is Muhammad Rizkyanor (Psychology student) who is the team manager. And the second is M Ramadhani Harun A (UB Mechanical Engineering student) who is the chief mechanic.

Unexpectedly, Raihan is able to bring UB’s name to become the 1st place in the Shifter University category. In fact, according to him, in the last few years UB’s name has been lost in this championship. Furthermore, the man who was born in 1999 is decided to bring UB to become the 2022 national general champion in the Shifter category.

“This championship is held 6 times in 1 year. Yesterday’s win was the first and last draw in September. My target is to bring Universitas Brawijaya the national general champion in 2022 in the Shifter class,” he concluded. (Humas FISIP/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)