Students Initiate Paguan Village Owned Enterprises , Bondowoso Regency

Student Build Village Group 626 held outreach and deliberations related to “Village Owned Enterprises (BUMDes) Initiation in Paguan Village” at Paguan Village Hall so that an agreement was created by the village community to establish BUMDes in accordance with Government Regulation Number 11 of 2021.

This activity begins with the socialization of the establishment of BUMDes, starting from the understanding and purpose of establishing BUMDes, benchmark BUMDes turnover in several Indonesian villages, types of BUMDes businesses and examples, organizational structure, BUMDes registration flow, ownership, capital, assets and BUMDes loans, accountability and distribution of BUMDes business results in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

“We, village officials, agree with the establishment of BUMDes because the District has also been directed to form BUMDes immediately. Therefore, we need the role of College Students to help determine what type of business is best for the establishment of this BUMDes,” said the Village Secretary, Ifna Aisyah.

After the socialization regarding the establishment of BUMDes, the next event was a meeting on the establishment of BUMDes, including the type of BUMDes business in Paguan Village. Based on joint deliberations, it was agreed that Paguan Village would form a Paguan BUMDes with the type of social enterprise, namely bottled mineral water. Based on the students’ thoughts, this bottled mineral water will be named “Paguan Water”.

“We totally agree with the name Paguan Water. We will save the name first, we are worried that there will be opinions another day regarding the name of this bottled mineral water,” said one of the village officials, Firdaus.

Based on the agreement on the formation of BUMDes in Paguan Village and the type of business, a schedule has been carried out regarding discussions on the formation of the AD/ART draft which will become the handle of village officials.

The AD/ART draft was made on Tuesday (18/07/2023) at Paguan Village Hall. Based on shared thoughts, it has been agreed upon the draft AD/ART of BUMDes Paguan with AD of 30 articles and ART of 5 articles.

Later, this AD/ART draft will serve as a guideline and can still be changed when registering BUMDes in the village information system. (*/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)