Students Collaborates with SDN Bedali 04 to Improve Education Quality

Drawing and Knowing Marine Fisheries Activities

Taruna Desa is one of the work programs under the Coordinating Ministry for Community Service BEM FPIK Universitas Brawijaya.

The work program is engaged in community service which is located in Sengkrakan Hamlet, Bedali Village, Lawang District, Malang Regency.

One of the activities at Taruna Desa is teaching at SDN Bedali 04. The vision of the teaching itself is to increase student creativity, literacy, and enthusiasm for learning from the children of SDN Bedali 04.

Taruna desa activities are filled with various literacy activities, skill building, and implementing a fun learning system at each meeting. This lesson is held every Saturday.

The staff and volunteers for the Taruna desa who collaborated with the Fisheries Resource Utilization Student Association and the Marine Science Student Association started the teaching activities with morning exercises.

This exercise aims to arouse children’s enthusiasm for learning so they don’t get sleepy during teaching.

The exercises are carried out using cheerful Indonesian children’s gymnastics and several gymnastic songs which are of course suitable for children.

In addition to morning exercises, community service is also often carried out every 3 weeks. This community service aims to increase the awareness of SDN Bedali 04 students of the importance of maintaining cleanliness, besides that community service will also train the attitude of cooperation in each individual.

After doing morning exercises or community service, all students are directed to enter the classroom and teaching and learning activities in class begin with prayer.

The awareness of SDN Bedali 04 students regarding praying before doing something is quite high. They always pray fervently and not loudly. After praying, the first 15 minutes are used for literacy activities. Students in grades 1, 2 and 3 use the listening and writing system. They listened to fairy tales delivered by UB students and then summarized them in the literacy books that had been provided. While students in grades 4, 5, and 6 use the reading and review system, the first 10 minutes they read the book and 5 minutes review what they have read.

Activity Making Crafts from Trash

Various teaching activities that varied each week received an interesting response from every teacher and student at SDN Bedali 04. One of them was the activity of planting sprouts and making crafts from used goods. The purpose of planting sprouts is to train a caring attitude towards living things and add insight into natural knowledge. In this activity they were asked to look after the glass filled with green bean seeds until they sprouted. In fact, they cared for and guarded it carefully. This of course will also increase the level of sensitivity to the surrounding environment and train children to have a responsible attitude towards something. Planting activities only require simple tools and materials, namely used plastic cups, cotton as a planting medium, and green bean seeds, with simple equipment it will have a big impact on children.

The activity of making craft from used goods was also implemented in the teaching of Taruna Desa 2022. This also received a very good response from the children of SDN Bedali 04. Before making skills, they were given material about waste. Starting from the definition of waste, types of waste, and the impact of making waste carelessly. Apparently, many children do not know the effects of littering. Therefore, it is hoped that this activity on used goods skills can change the mindset of those who say that waste cannot be used anymore.

In addition to these two activities, there are many other activities which of course aim to develop the mindset of the children of SDN Bedali 04. All of the activities implemented received a good response from SDN Bedali 04 and even the entire community of Sengkrakan Hamlet.

“With Brawijaya students who help teach at SDN Bedali 04, it makes students happier to study because the material presented is very interesting and fun. Also, because of the help of SDN Bedali 04 students, there have been many changes here. There are several activities such as Persami, celebrating independence day, and so on,” said Isma as a teacher at SDN Bedali 04. (*/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).