FTP Students Champion the 2015/2016 SOI Asia Competition in Japan

FTP students champion the SOI Asia CompetitionReturned, Faculty of Agricultural Technology University of Brawijaya students scent the nation’s name in Asian level. Dwi Novanda Sari (TIP 2013), Aginta Friska (TEP 2012), Desak Putu Ariska (TEP 2012), Reinhardt Alexandro (TEP 2012) and Rofifah Yusadi (PWK FT 2013) who joined in iHelp Team was succeeded to champion School on Internet (SoI) Asia’s competition of the 2015/2016 Business and Gestation.

Lifted a scientific paper about nano-fertilizer production machine named “MORFEUS”, the five UB students were successful to scent Indonesia and grab the first champion Asian level Business Plan Competition. The competition followed by 27 universities of 13 partner countries allover Asia on SoI Asia announcement. Thursday (21/Jan/2016). After successful to grab gold from presentation and silver of poster at PIMNAS XXVIII, this time MORFEUS abbreviated from Modern Fertilizer Ultrasound is a nano-fertilizer reactor based on Ultrasound Frequency Controlling Technology was successful to grab the first champion of 2015/2016 SoI.

The machine is able to produce nano-fertilizer that able to improve the absorption of fertilizer in the soil and plants. Equipped with Ultrasonic technology, the machine is relative easier and cheaper to be applied in agriculture since nanofication process is faster. Normally, fertilizer nanofication needs longer time, yet with this machine, the time needed in only about 50 minutes. Nano-sized fertilizer will be easier to be absorbed by the soil and the plants thus fasten the plant growth.

Situation of teleconference judgementPresented by Desak, SOI is a business plan competition. “But different with other competitions, in the SOI we have to be able to apply our business plan design in real,” she said. In addition, they also did not think to be chosen as the best in Asian level, since the way to go there is very long. Previously, they sent proposal and afterwards chosen as the big five for all the entry application. The big five were then had a teleconference presentation to determine one winner. “After stated as the winner, we have to realize our MORFEUS for 9-12 months. Afterwards, we will go to Japan to present realization of our business as well as seeking investor in several companies or universities there,” she affirmed.

“We do not think that our little team will grab grace this big. iHelp itself means invention for help,”Reinhardt added. They established the team with expectation to be able to reach people who are less attention. “Hopefully our invention not only profit oriented but also having social aspect to help them who are hopeless,” he said. According to him, the priceless gift of the competition is direct supervision to start business, idea realization as well as a trip to Japan for MORFEUS promotion. “It’s just that actually MORFEUS still needs further development. Therefore we are open to anyone who wants to collaborate to develop MORFEUS for the nation’s advancement,” Reinhardt added. [dse/Humas UB/trans. Denok]