FKH Students were Invited to Get to Know to Veterinarian Profession

Students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) are involved in the committee activities of PORDASI National Championship “Three Crown Cup” Series 1. This activity aims at getting to know more about the Veterinary profession.

In the competition held at Ki Ageng Astrojoyo Horse Racing Field, Pasuruan, FKH students who are members of UBE (University of Brawijaya Equinary) study club took part in helping the committee in this national competition.

The forms of activities carried out are in the form of health checks on competing athlete horses, assisting stewards (board of judges) in making informed decisions regarding diagnosis of disease by veterinarians regarding a sanction for athlete horses who unilaterally withdraw from the competition on the grounds of illness, as well as preparedness as an animal health medical team in the event if there is an athlete’s horse accident during a race.

“Absolutely this activity is in line with the mission of independent learning where students are introduced directly in the field so that they can enrich their knowledge, insight, relationships and experience to strengthen readiness as people who are ready to work according to their interests in the field of competence they will have after completing their education at higher education,” said the FKH supervisor, drh. Dodik Prasetyo, M.Vet who is currently also entrusted by being PORDASI Manager of East Java Province as Chair of the Commission for Animal Husbandry, Health and Horse Registration.drh. Dodik hopes that the field activities carried out by students who are members of the UBE club can provide a forum to get to know the veterinary profession related to equestrian sports.

“So, hopefully they can know and understand the role and function of veterinarians in equestrian sport,” said drh. Dodik.

The participation of lecturers and students of FKH UB in this activity was welcomed by the General Chairperson of the Central Management of PORDASI Triwatty Marciano who hopes that in the future there will always be synergy between FKH UB and PORDASI for equestrian sports events in the next series and motivate the younger students as the prospective veterinarians so that it can increase their learning interests on horses, and enrich their experiences in the field by participating in internships at horse stables. (ddk/FKH/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).