Medical Students Researching Morinda citrifolia for Sleeping Pills

Morinda citrifolia extractMengkudu (Morinda citrifolia) is a compound fruit which is commonly found in Indonesia. The plant, in addition to be consumed as food materials, also highly used as herbal medicine alternatives. In order to increase its benefit lists, five Medical students of Brawijaya University had a research on Morinda citrifolia extract benefits and its relation to sleep facilitation.

They are Adi Kuncoro, Erwin Alexander P, Sharon Thesalonca D, Shaza Nathasya S and Yoris Junanto who has a research titled Kupulas Tidur (Mengkudu untuk Penurunan Laju Degranulasi Sel Mast dalam Fasilitasi Tidur/Morinda citrifolia for Decreased Rate of Mast Cell Degranulation in Sleeping Facilitation). The research is a Student-Creativity-Program on research area under supervision of dr. Obed T.K. Paundralingga, MSc.

According to Adi, data showed that exposure to stress can lead to sleep difficulties and disorders which result in stress increasing. “Morinda citrifolia has Quercetin substance that can prevent rupture of mast cells in body tissues other than brain and can cross the blood-brain barrier,” he explained.

The research, he added aimed to know whether quercetin contain in maseration extract of Morinda citrifolia can decline. “We use mice that are stressful and then injected with its extract. Numbers, location, and mast cell degranulation level in mice brain were observed under microscopes. The objective of the study is testing quercetin capabilities in preventing mast rupture and exploring one of Morinda citrifolia efficacy as sleeping pills,” he ended. [*/Humas UB/trans. Denok]