FILKOM Students Wins Article Writing Competitions at the National Youth Competition



Students from the Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Brawijaya (FILKOM UB), Reynaldi Holtrop, Bonaventura Julio Putra Nandika, and Michael Rahadiyan Wijaya won second place in the National Youth Competition, in the Article Writing category held by the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya (FIA UB). This event is part of the 63rd Anniversary of FIA UB. These three FILKOM UB students were supervised by Dr. Diva Kurnianingtyas, S.Kom., in this competition. Reynaldi said that his motivation with his friends to take part in this competition was to gain experience and contribute to the good name of the faculty and university. Because it is a necessity for us and an effort to be responsible students.

In this competition, the theme that made them become champions was: “Vehicle object detection using Yolov6 integrated weighted graph to break down traffic jams.” This activity is a static, not dynamic, determination of the duration of traffic lights based on peak hours. This theme has a solution for creating a system so that the duration of traffic lights is dynamically determined per certain cycle. They created a system that can detect vehicle objects and give them weights which are integrated with a weighted graph as a DSS in determining the duration of traffic lights.

With a total of 62 contestants, FILKOM UB team managed to win second place in this event.

Reynaldi gave advice to his friends, to stay enthusiastic and don’t give up. [rr/ UB PR/ Trans.Iir].