FILKOM Students Achieved the Third Rank in the 2023 Google Hackfest

Two FILKOM students who are members of Killjoy Team, namely Fa’iq Arya Dewangga and Avidhyana Sukma Valenta, both of them who are students from the Informatics Engineering Study Program Batch 2021, managed to bring the third place in the Google Hackfest 2023 event under Gunadarma University and Telkom University.

Hackfest Indonesia 2023 is an ideathon and hackathon competition held by Google Developer Student Clubs Indonesia starting in February 2023 and Final Picthing on March 18 2023. This competition is held as a forum for students throughout Indonesia to improve problem-solving skills in the form of device development software or hardware. The solution in the form of this device was created to support the achievement of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals and as preparation for taking part in the Google Solution Challenge 2023.

With the guidance of Retno Indah Rokhmawati, S.Pd., M.Pd and Buce Trias Hanggara, S.Kom., M.Kom, the Killjoy Team made the product “Stuntion: Stunting Prevention”. Avidhyana Sukma Valenta (Avi) explained that Stuntion: Stunting Prevention is an Android-based application that focuses on prevention, treatment and education of stunting problems.

“Stuntion is an Android-based application that focuses on prevention, treatment and education of stunting problems to realize the 3rd point of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), namely Good Health and Well-Being and 4th point, namely Quality Education,” explained Avi.

Avi also explained some of the main features of this application, namely Check Stunting to make it easy to check the condition of the user’s baby independently and earlier by entering some of the information needed and answering a few questions. Second, Support Each Other to help each other provide additional food assistance and funds between users. Third, Public Consultation with Health Experts as a forum for users so they can ask health experts what they are confused about and their names will not be published, and there are other features.

Fa’iq Arya Dewangga and Avidhyana Sukma Valenta when they received the 3rd place prize

“By participating in this competition, we have the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in developing technological solutions. This competition provides an opportunity for us to learn more about Google technology,” explained Avi.

In addition, Avi also added, this competition can have a positive impact on society and the world because it is required to be able to create innovative solutions that can overcome real-world problems that can help improve the quality of life of people around or improve the environmental situation. And lastly, participating in this competition also provides an opportunity to interact with great people from Google Indonesia as well as new friends from all over Indonesia.

The Killjoy team also experienced several obstacles when participating in the competition. Avi said that the main obstacle was the large cost of accommodation, starting from transportation, lodging and consumption. Then there are also challenges in language, where the language used in the pitching is English, so that communicating the products that have been designed to the audience and judges becomes more difficult, and there are also obstacles when developing products with difficulty finding solutions. However, with the presence of a supervisor, product development problems can be resolved.

Fa’iq Arya Dewangga and Avidhyana Sukma Valenta during the Final Pitching

Finally, Avi also gave advice to other students to continue to be committed to their goals, namely in the field of Computer Science, and always remember that students have the ability to achieve what they want as long as they have the will.

“Don’t be afraid to fail when trying to create an innovative solution because there is nothing wrong with the solution you provide, coupled with current technological developments, it is certain that everyone needs someone who is an expert in computer science to create an innovative solution that can solve existing problems. Every small business will contribute to great success for yourself and for the campus.” Close Avi.[drn/ Humas UB/Trans. Iir]