A Student of Faculty of Computer Science Grab Internship Scholarship at Clear Water Creato Ltd. Nagoya Japan

Abu Hasan Baskara, a year 2014 student at Informatics EngineeringFor the first time students of Faculty of Computer Science of Brawijaya University chosen as internship scholarship awardee at Clean Water Creato Ltd. Nagoya, Aichi-Ken, Japan. He is, Abu Hasan Baskara, a year 2014 student at Informatics Engineering Study Program. The man who was born in Lumajang mentioned that obtaining scholarship in Japan was part of his dreams. His English-speaking passion is supportive for realization of his ideals. The opportunity opened when he joined as a member of student activity unit on English named AIESEC UB.

Told by Baskara that information on internship opportunity gained when he attended internship socialization abroad held by AIESEC UB in collaboration with BEM (Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa/Student Executive Body) FILKOM. At that time, the committee shared information on opportunity to be able to have internship abroad. The selected candidates will become Global Talent Participants or student exchange participants.

Of the information obtained in the socialization, afterwards Baskara contacted the AIESEC committee to have a guidance process. Later on, candidate should register by attaching Curriculum Vitae, Parent’s Permission Letter, Commitment Letter and Motivation Letter. AIESEC will check all the completeness and the reliability of the data. After fulfilled, candidate can join in an interview stage. The stage is scheduled by AIESEC in English. Candidates were given cases and being asked to solve the problem in the interview. After qualified in the interview stage, the candidate will advance to company selection stage.

In company selection process, the candidates can choose their interested companies and being asked to contact the relevant companies immediately. After they obtained a reply from the companies, the candidates were being asked to submit a motivation letter. Baskara decided to choose Clear Water Creato, Ltd. namely a company engaged in technology especially mobile apps development. After pass the motivation-letter selection stage, AIESEC Japan scheduled the second interview. In the second interview, candidates should answer questions proposed by AIESEC Japan Representatives, where the questions were given in English. Of the second interview result, will be proposed the best candidate for having the last interview by President of Creato, Ltd and AIESEC Manager. The last interview is the determinant one for the candidate to be enrolled or not in the internship scholarship program. In the last interview, candidates were mandatory to perform and present their working result in form of website link made by themselves.

“When they have declared to be accepted as internship participant at Clear Water Creato Ltd. Nagoya, Aichi-ken Japan, then I contacted Mr. Tobyani, ST., MT as field practice supervisor. Besides also contacted academic supervisor, Head of Department, Vice Dean I and Dean of Faculty of Computer Science of Brawijaya University,” said Baskara.

For his fellow students, Baskara ordered to always be dare to take a positive chance although it looks very difficult though. Before the opportunity comes, students should have to improve themselves by improving their English proficiency and other supporting skills.

“Preparation could also by joining in beneficial activities such as the institution of Islamic spirituality – AMD Musholla Ulul Albab at Faculty of Computer Science of Brawijaya University. There I get many changes in life. Besides also obtaining motivation to be more active in studying,” Baskara said. [Baskara/Tiby/Humas UB/trans. Denok]