FILKOM Students Get Several Achievemnts in ITFEST 2021

ITFEST 2021 is a competition in the field of Information and Communication Technology at student level throughout Indonesia organized by the Information Technology Student Association of the University of North Sumatra to inspire the spirit of innovation in solving national problems, as well as being part of an agent of change in advancing Information and Communication Technology and its use in Indonesia. Participants in this competition were followed by leading universities in Indonesia, starting from the host, the University of North Sumatra, University of Indonesia, Bogor Agricultural Institute, Riau University, STMIK TIME and Universitas Brawijaya.

ITFEST 2021 is held from March 10 to April 17, 2021 with an online implementation format. There are three competition categories in ITFEST 2021, namely UI / UX Design, Business IT Case and Application Development.

Application Development is one of the national contests in the ITFEST 2021. In this activity, participants created innovative web and mobile based applications. With the theme “United in Distance”, it is intended that the applications created can be used in people’s daily life.

Participants who are able to create applications that are sustainable and have the potential to coexist with the lives of Indonesian people are the main target of this contest.

In the Application Development category, FILKOM students won 1st and 2nd place. 1st place was won by the JAGS – PAGUBRIS team consisting of Abdi Darsono (195150201111004 / Informatics Engineering), Alfonsus Avianto Chandrawan (195150201111006 / Informatics Engineering), Muhammad Fikri Mustofa Azhari (195150201111010 / Informatics Engineering) and 2nd place by IMBARAION – TRINITY team consisting of Abdurrizqo Arrahman (195150401111026 / Information System), Stefanus Dany Supryatna Sinaga (185150200111040 / Informatics Engineering), Yulianus Wayan Yudistira Rudja (185150200111070 / Informatics Engineering).

The JAGS team created the PAGUBRIS application which means “care” in Javanese. This application is a web-based media sharing platform. With this application, it is hoped that even in the current pandemic condition, a sense of concern for others can still be channeled by helping each other and sharing information through the application built by the JAGS team.

In PAGUBRIS, users can ask questions about daily problems they face and then other users can provide solutions in image, text and video formats. Of course, the application made by the JAGS team received positive feedback from the judges and encouraged them to be more able to develop this application in the future.

Meanwhile, the IMBRAION team created an application called TRINITY. This application combines several features of video conferencing applications and discussion applications such as Kaskus and Redit. This application aims to be able to discuss a problem or topic online via audio conference and live chat, by simply using audio to communicate with each other it will relieve users who use data and have an unstable network.

UI / UX Design Competition is a system / product interface design competition that is oriented to the convenience and ease of users in using the system / product. The purpose of this interface design is to make user interaction as simple and efficient as possible. Interface design also determines how user interacts with computer using the interface on the computer screen. In UI / UX Design, FILKOM students won 2nd place by the TOPOKKI PEDAS – ONEBLOOD team consisting of Alizza Iman Raddin (195150700111014 / Information Technology), Ghina Zahira (195150700111018 / Information Technology), Hanifa Putri Rahima (195150700111032 / Information Technology).

The TOPOKKI PEDAS team created ONEBLOOD which is an integrated blood donation platform based on mobile app. It may be little different from other platforms, the ONEBLOOD concept here is a community-based blood donor application which means not only an application that provides an easier blood donation process, but through this application it can empower the community with the hope that it can increase awareness and public awareness to get involved in blood donation activities. There are 3 main features in this platform, namely the Donate Blood feature (can book blood donation activities equipped with a pre-screening feature to determine the eligibility of potential blood donors), Find Blood (find the nearest donor who is willing to donate blood), and Request Donors (submit request for blood so that the application will notify the nearest donor who matches the criteria for the blood needed).

Besides IFEST 2021, other proud news comes from Indigo Game Startup Incubation (IGSI) Gamejam 3. FILKOM students also won the Indigo Game Startup Incubation (IGSI) Gamejam 3 which was attended by Yogyakarta State University, Ciputra University, Surabaya State Electronic Polytechnic, STMM MMTC Yogyakarta, and many more.

The Geaming team consisting of Amanda Vania (195150207111060 / Informatics Engineering), Brilian Ade Putra (185150201111001 / Informatics Engineering), M. Rafif Al Aziz (185150200111023 / Informatics Engineering), M. Haikal Fisabilillah (195150207111065 / Informatics Engineering), and Audrey Ardelia (185150201111010 / Informatics Engineering) brought an award in the Favorite Game category. The theme given by IGSI Gamejam itself is Unconventional Weapon. The game made by a team from FILKOM for the IGSI Gamejam competition called “CARDungeon” (DRN / Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)