FILKOM Students Help Developing Mailing Automation System in Ngijo Village also Participating in Village Vaccination Program

Students of the Faculty of Computer Science Universitas Brawijaya (FILKOM UB) who are members of the Group 17 Real Work Lecture (KKN) consisting of nine students are guided by Nanang Yudi Setiawan, ST., M.Kom and the village coordinator, Shafa Al Afghany Al Rahman, and the Coordinator of Service Activities, Nata Nirwasita Rasendriya plans to help the government/village apparatus of Ngijo, Karangploso District, Malang Regency with the village administration mailing system automation program.

The purpose of the program launched by Group 17 is to make the correspondence process at the village office shorter and faster, and village officials will find it easier to operate the applications that have been made. The correspondence system runs in Ngijo Village will be offline and will be connected directly to the population database owned by the village apparatus and if there are residents who submit or manage correspondence, the system only requires Resident Registration Number (NIK) and the official letter format will then be filled in automatically (letter content, letter number) so that it can be directly processed for signature by the Head of Village or local official.

The progress that has been made by Group 17 at this time is that they have just completed gathering needs from village officials through PC checking, interviews and needs analysis. The next activity to be carried out is repairing device connections and starting system development. The target for the program completion is scheduled for mid-September and continued with implementation in village officials.

Group 17 also has obstacles in running the program, where the obstacles obtained are that they still cannot decide on making applications via desktop or in the form of a website that is connected to local-host only (does not require an internet connection), and Group 17 still has not held a coordination meeting with other villages on the same topic and activity to consider the results of the product plans created.

Absolutely, the program being carried out by Group 17 gets positive feedback from the people of Ngijo Village, every time they come to the location they are always warmly welcomed by village officials and local residents when conducting interviews and need analysis. The village officials are also very cooperative in assisting the program planned by group 17, and hopefully the program that will be implemented in Ngijo village will run smoothly and be completed on time.


The Community Service Group of Ngijo Village also Participates in the Village Vaccination Program


In order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection, Malang District Health Office together with Real Work Lecture students from FILKOM carried out a mass vaccination activity in Ngijo Village, Karangploso District. In addition to implementing the Community Service Program, FILKOM students also participated in vaccination activities for the community in Ngijo Village organized by Malang District Health Office which were divided into 2 sessions on September 8 and 18, 2021. This activity became a real contribution from FILKOM students in providing direct community service outside of the ongoing KKN activities.

A total of 526 residents of Ngijo Village who participated in the activity consisted of various age groups, ranging from teenagers to the elderly. The type of vaccine used in this vaccination program is Sinovac. Village officials collaborate with FILKOM students in collecting data on vaccination participants, with a role as data entry parties for residents who have received vaccines and will be reported on the PCare website belonging to BPJS.

At 06.00 WIB, the officers consisting of village officials, delegates from the Health Service, and Real Work Lectures students, have made complete preparations. Starting from the preparation of the queue, the arrangement of vaccine logistics, to the coordination between sections. This purposes to minimize the queues due to the residents’ enthusiasm of receiving vaccine injections.

On this occasion, the village officials also advised the community to continue to heed the health protocols in all activities since the covid-19 virus not influenced by the weather and time to attack humans. (drn/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)