Faculty of Law Students Study at PT. Perkebunan Dagang dan Gambar

Excursion study of the Faculty of Law students to PT. Perkebunan Dagang dan GambarThe organizing of Excursion Study of Agrarian Class students Faculty of Law University of Brawijaya Malang to PT. Perkebunan Dagang dan Gambar in Blitar Regency, Tuesday (22/Dec/2015) ran smoothly and successfully.

The Faculty of Law troupe consists of Agrarian Law lecturer (Prof. Dr. Suhariningsih, SH., SU; Imam Koeswahyono, SH., MH; M. Hamini Masykur, SH., M.Kn and Diah Pawstri, SH., MH) along with 125 Faculty of Law students received by principals of PT. Perkebunan, Ric Widodo and staff.

In the event, took place an interactive dialogue between students and Ric Widodo.

Ric Widodo mentioned that he is very disturbed with statement that plantations are poverty pockets. According to him, plantations can actually prospering the people.

Added by him that PT. Perkebunan Dagang dan Gambar in Blitar Regency has successfully executed a land redistribution that his institution has managed covering an area of 212 hectares to the people in surroundings, of which each family head obtain 400 m2. This regard makes the people get benefits from the plantation presence.

In addition to above mentioned, there are some law issues to be lifted in the discussion, such as long history of PT. Perkebunan Dagang dan Gambar in Blitar regebcy, disparity between das sollen and das sein (law in book and law in action) about timing for rights of exploitation (Hak Guna Usaha/HGU), Corporate Social Responsibility of the company, double taxation not only for property tax but also value-added tax around 10% for plantation and agricultural product commodity of which considered very burdensome and thus need to be proposed a judicial review to the Constitutional Court, and land conflicts in plantation area with the people around post disaster area (volcanic eruption, flood). [Yolanda/Humas UB/trans. Denok]



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