Fapet UB Students Participate in the 2021 ‘Pejuang Muda’ Program

The Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia has created Pejuang Muda program which is part of Independent Learning Independent Campus Program (MBKM) of the Ministry of Education and Culture-Research Technology of Higher Education in the form of a social laboratory for students to apply their knowledge in order to give a concrete social impact.

Through this program that equivalent to 20 credits, students will be challenged to learn from the residents as well as collaborating with the local government, community leaders, local religious leaders and all social driving stakeholders in the region.

The scope of work for students in Pejuang Muda program is to go directly to areas that need assistance, collaborating (internship) at the Ministry of Social Affairs to develop and execute social programs, and design digital campaigns to support the social programs being run.

Student activities will be made in two corridors, namely online & offline. These two activities will allow students to learn directly in the field as well as driving many people to contribute online.

A total of 113 students of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) participated in the program, where 15 participants came from the Faculty of Animal Husbandry (Fapet). They will be placed in areas that need social assistance.

They are Leni Sri Pangesti (Kediri), Haryadi Bagus Windarto (Pati), Dimas Wiryawan (Batu), Raden Ayu Sriwiyana (Ternate), Wahhab Rizqus Syihab (Grobogan), Berna Detha (Grobogan), Eko Prihatmaji (North Lombok), Imam Ismail (Banjarnegara), Hafizh Miftahuddin (South Buton), Muhammad Wildan Fathullah (Karo), Wahyu Trimurti Handayani (Ponorogo), Satrio Gumilar Pamunjuk (South Buton), M. Ma’danil Fawaid (Kediri), Jodi Prasetyo (Mojokerto), and Rizka Larasati (Subulussalam).

The team from Fapet was released by the Dean and his staff, Thursday (21/10/2021). Prof. Suyadi as the Dean, advised the participants to take part in the activities with enthusiasm and sincerity in giving their best to the community. But still maintain the good name of the Faculty and the University. (dta/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir)