Faculty of Animal Husbandry Students Champion LKTI SIPPI 2015

Fapet students champion LKTI SIPPI 2015Student Scientific Group owned by Faculty of Animal Husbandry University of Brawijaya (Fapet-UB) again gets another good achievement in national competition. This time contributed by a team headed by Dimas Firdaus Adami with members consist of Uzwajul Mutoharoh and Iraniar Yuni Arsari. They grab the first champion in the event of Scientific Writing Competition “the Vibrant of Agriculture Development Innovation in Indonesia” (Lomba Karya Tulis Ilmiah Semarak Inovasi Pengembangan Pertanian Indonesia/ LKTI SIPPI) 2015. The event organized by Agronomy and Horticulture Student Association of Bogor Institute of Agriculture.

The event organized in form of scientific presentation. Dimas and his team lifted a title “Super Natural-Feed (Papaya Leaf, Snail, earthworm and cricket): Innovation of Functional Feed based on Natural Obstretic through Utilization of Super Natural-Feed as Additive Broiler Chicken Ration as Solution to Residual Chicken Meat in Indonesia”.

This year, SIPPI 2015 lifted a theme of “Innovation of the Nation for Indonesia Agriculture”. The event organized in 18-20/Dec/2-15 at R.K Pinus building of Faculty of Agriculture Bogos Institute of Agriculture. [ang/dta/Humas UB/trans. Denok]