Fapet Students Take Home the Third Champion from UNESA

KIM grabs the third champion in UNESA entrepreneurship competitionNot for the first time, Student Scientific Group (Kelompok Ilmiah Mahasiswa/KIM) gets achievement in national event. Current achievement is grabbed in the 2015 National Entrepreneurship Competition organized by Student Executive Agency of Faculty of Natural Sciences, the State University of Surabaya (UNESA/Universitas Negeri Surabaya). The entrepreneurship competition followed by 52 teams and taken the biggest 15 as finalist to present their proposals.

Of the 15 biggest published in 3/Dec/2015, KIM successfully to delegate 4 teams as finalists. Such as a team headed by Joni Hendro, with members of  Dita Zulfadin Dahlan, Agung Firnando Putra and Angga Setiawan. Finalists should present their proposals in 5/Dec/2015. The four teams decided to leave for Surabaya as University of Brawijaya’s delegates.

One of KIM delegates headed by Angga Setiawan consist of members including Joni Hendro and Mohammad Radhitiya Syafi’I successfully to gran the third champion. Lifted a title “Boersa Farm”: Farm Business of Organic Dairy Goats with Breeding of Cutting Goats Using Erfolg Technology (Innovation of cement diluents and packaging device)”.

“Hopefully the innovation could motivate our friends in innovation to improve achievement for almamater in non-academic matters. OPEN YOUR MIND, TOUCH YOUR HEART,” said Joni. [ang/dta/Humas UB/trans. Denok]


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