UB Foreign Students Enthusiastically Participated in the Immersion Program at SDN Lowokwaru 4 Malang

BIPA Students Teaching in Class
BIPA Students Teaching in Class

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) is one of the universities implementing BIPA or Indonesian Language Program for Foreign Speakers. The BIPA program at UB is managed by the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FCS). In addition to learning Indonesian, students also learn Malang’s local arts and culture both inside and outside the classroom.

In this 2023/2024 academic year, the UB BIPA Program was mandated to manage several programs, including Darmasiswa Republik Indonesia (DRI) Program, the Developing Country Partnership (KNB) Program, and the Student Exchange Cooperation Program.

One of the UB BIPA Programs is the Immersion Program. This program is the application of theories the BIPA students earned in the classroom. Through teaching and learning activities practiced in the elementary schools, the BIPA students were able to share knowledge about neighboring countries.

BIPA Students at SDN Lowokwaru 4
BIPA Students at SDN Lowokwaru 4

The BIPA UB Immersion Activity Program was held from January 15 to 26, 2024. It was followed by 15 international students from 11 countries, including South Korea, Japan, China, England, Yemen, Nigeria, Gambia, Pakistan, Egypt, Tanzania, and Afghanistan. The activity took place at SDN Lowokwaru 4 Malang City.

One of the BIPA students from Japan, Toranosuke Nakazawa, said that this immersion activity was essential for him because it could be a means to gain knowledge on other countries and it also helped him practice Indonesian with elementary school students.

“I feel this activity is excellent. Because, with this activity, I can share knowledge about my country and culture, also practice Indonesian language that I have learned in class,” said a Wako University, Japan student.

A BIPA student from China, Li Landi, also expressed the same thing. She felt pleased with this immersion program. According to her, this class could be a place to learn the language directly from the community. This could also be a way to introduce culture of her country to the students in Indonesia.

“I am happy with this (immersion) activity. I can learn directly from the children (elementary school students) in Indonesia. I can also share knowledge about my country with them so that Indonesian students know more about it,” said the student from Tianjin University of Foreign Studies, China.

The chief executive of the Immersion Program, Fredy Nugroho, M.Hum., explained that this activity is one of the BIPA strengthening programs. International students studying BIPA at UB learn Indonesian language inside and outside the classroom. This program provides lessons and field experience so that students can directly practice Indonesian with local people.

“Immersion activities are a form of support and act as reinforcement of BIPA program. Learning is not only inside the classroom, with this program students can practice the lessons they learn directly in the community,” he explained.

Furthermore, he added that with this Immersion Program, BIPA UB students will be more motivated to learn Indonesian and can share knowledge about their respective countries to elementary school students in Malang. BIPA UB students are also expected to be a bridge to continue to maintain friendship between Indonesia and the BIPA students’ countries.

Furthermore, BIPA UB Program is a program that provides exceptional Indonesian language learning for foreign speakers covering Indonesian language skills and culture knowledge. This program targets foreigners or overseas communities who want to learn Indonesian language and culture. This program is expected to introduce Indonesia to countries around the world as soft diplomacy actions. [dts]