Students Invite Poncokusumo Residents to Develop Products made of Coffee and Taro

Socialization of Superior Product Development of Sumberejo Village

UB KKN-T students cooperate with PKK women in Sumberejo Village, Poncokusumo District in developing superior products to increase food diversification made from coffee and taro. The series of superior product development activities of Sumberejo Village have been carried out on (10/7-16/7/2022).

The activity began with socialization aimed at PKK and Fatayat NU women in Sumberejo Village regarding the production process of coffee bags and taro chips aimed at increasing the knowledge and skills of PKK and Fatayat NU women.

UB KKNT students also gave examples of taro that was clean and ready to be fried.

They gave the participants the opportunity to mix the flavors with the fried taro chips.

This outreach activity is complemented by prototype of coffee bags and taro chips that have been made by UB KKNT students.

Sumberejo Village is a village that has abundant natural potential such as coffee and taro.

The extraordinary potential of this village becomes a source of inspiration for UB KKN- Thematic Swakelola students which is then accommodated in a program “Development of Superior Products” to increase the diversification of food made from these products.

This activity is a program scheduled by group 2 of Self-Managed LPPM UB Thematic KKN in Sumberejo Village, Poncokusumo District, Malang Regency.

There are 20 students from various faculties who are members of the group with the theme Developing the Potential of Sumberejo Village in Realizing the Center of Excellence for Sustainable Biosphere Universitas Brawijaya.

Through this KKN activity, students get many things, such as relationships between students and village communities, growing empathy for every event and the surrounding environment, togetherness and solidarity between students and the community, critical and strategic thinking skills to solve problems, and new experiences in building diverse society.

“Hopefully the KKNT activities will also increase the motivation of the village community to innovate products from the region that are useful for the progress of Sumberejo Village,” said KKNT group 2 leader Rizeki Adika Kane. (*/Humas UB/ Trans. Iir).