Students of Vocational Business Administration Visits UB Archive Center

Archives Practitioner Lecturer, Dra. Ernani Kusdiantina, M.M together with the Students of Business Administration, Vocational UB

A total of 33 Associate of Business Administration students of Vocational Universitas Brawijaya (UB) visit UB Archives Center, Tuesday (24/05/2022). The visit of students in the area of ​​interest in Office Administration is in the context of archiving practice as one of the requirements for the final semester exam.

Archives Practitioner Lecturer, Dra. Ernani Kusdiantina, M.M said that the students had previously taken the Archives Management course, and today they immediately went to see the practice of archiving in the field.

“After graduating, these vocational students are expected to be ready to work and skilled professionally, not only theoretically. So, with this activity, they can see closely how the archiving process is in UB, especially in the rectorate,” explained Ernani.

She added that archiving is a complex problem, so it needs good and professional handling. And there is a reference, namely Law no. 43 of 2002 concerning Archives.

“Therefore, students must know exactly the rules of the Archives Law and its derivatives, including the rules for filing in UB Archives Unit and its implementation. Later, it is possible that they will also visit archive centers outside UB,” she explained.

In the Archives Center, the students are accepted by UB archivist team, which is coordinated by Nurul Indayati, S.E., M.M.

“We invite students to visit archive center building as well as explain the management of archives in UB, the organizational structure of archives in UB, mandatory instruments in archiving, as well as field surveys or archival practices,” said Nurul.

After visiting, these 4th semester students are required to make reports based on observations of archival practices, ranging from archive creation, archive maintenance, to archive deletion. [Irene/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]

UB archivist, Nurul Indayati, S.E., M.M gave an explanation to UB Business Administration students.

  From Berita UB