UB New Students Batch 2020 Join Online Campus Orientation

The Simulation of Online PKKMB 2020 Followed by Operators of Each New Student Cluster

New Students of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) 2020 take part in the Online Student Introduction to Campus Life Simulation (PKKMB) online, Saturday (12/09/2020). This simulation is carried out as a preparation for the implementation of the 2020 Online PKKMB which will be held on Saturday-Sunday (19-20/09/2020).

Chairman of PKKMB 2020, Dr. Setiawan Noerdajasakti, SH., MH said, because this is the first time that PKKMB has been conducted online, various aspects need to be carefully prepared, especially the technological aspects.

“Therefore, we held this simulation so that various obstacles in the field can be identified to ensure that the implementation of PKKMB on the D-day can run well,” he said.

This simulation was attended by all new students, totaling 17,548 people. Head of IT Crisis Center PKKMB, Arief Andy Soebroto, S.T., M.Kom, explained that the number is divided into 64 clusters, where each cluster consists of 170 new students, led by an operator.

One of the cluster operators guides the PKKMB online simulation

“These operators are old students who have equipped with knowledge in operating applications that will be used in PKKMB such as Google Meet or Google Classroom. These operators are responsible for handling new students in their respective clusters, “explained Arief.

In this simulation, new students do exercises and submit assignments via Google Classroom. After the simulation, the PKKMB 2020 rehearsal will be held on Thursday-Friday (17-18 / 09/2020), then the 2020 PKKMB will be held Saturday-Sunday (19-20 / 09/2020) which is opened directly by the Rector. Meanwhile, Campus Orientation and Students Orientation in each faculty will be held on Monday-Tuesday (21-22 / 09/2020).

The committee has also made PKKMB preparations by recording the material delivered by the speakers. There are materials on State Defense, Anti-Terrorism and Radicalism, and Ethics of Campus Life. [Irene/ Humas UB/ Trans. Iir]