MA Al-Azhar Asy-Syarif Jakarta Gets Acquainted with FISIP Egalitarian Culture

The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) Brawijaya University (UB) received a visit from students of MA Al-Azhar Asy-Syarif Jakarta. First visit after entering offline lectures after the election week, Monday (19/2/2024),

The students in grades 10 and 11 of MA Al-Azhar Asy-Syarif Jakarta received various materials from lecturers and teaching staff at FISIP UB regarding an introduction to campus life, especially in FISIP UB environment.

In his speech, the Principal of MA Al-Azhar Asy-Syarif Jakarta, Wido Prayoga, M.Pd expressed his gratitude to FISIP UB for accepting their good intentions to visit.

“Hopefully, by the reception of our visit today, it will become a field of goodness for all leaders and the entire FISIP UB family,” he said.

Ayu Kartika, S.AP., M.Si., Coordinator of Domestic Cooperation at FISIP UB, delivered her enthusiastic speech about matters surrounding FISIP UB.

“All of our study programs are A accredited or Excellent. Therefore, even though FISIP UB is still young, there is no need to doubt our credibility in the academic field,” she explained.

The existence of FISIP egalitarian culture in the form of Student Employee for students was also introduced to the students and teachers of MA Al-Azhar Asy-Syarif Jakarta.

“So,from their active experience in campus activities with lecturers and staff, apart from being active with their peers, students can also be close to their lecturers, to increase their learning comfort,” explained the Sociology Department Lecturer.

It is hoped that this visit will not only provide insight into campus life, but also inspire MA Al Azhar Asy Syarif South Jakarta students to pursue their dreams and achieve success in the future. (Atok/FISIP PR/OKY/UB PR/ Trans. Iir)