M-CARE Won Gold Medal in International Competition in Malaysia

MCARE - Mahasiswa Teknik Mesin Mendapatkan Gold Medal pada World Young Inventors Exhibition 2023 2

Students of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya (FTUB) have made another achievement at the international level. This time, the M-CARE team won an achievement at the World Young Inventors Exhibition (WYIE 2023) on 10-13 May 2023.

After going through a series of exhibitions and also judging at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, the M-CARE Team won two awards;  the Gold Medalist and was named the Asian Young Inventors Best Invention Award 2023 Tertiary Level.

In this competition, the M-CARE Team brought a machine learning-based mobile app to support the mental healthcare system in reducing the impact of mental health problems.

Under the guidance of Dr. Ir. Femiana Gapsari M. F. ST., MT., the team consisting of Janu Andrean, Clarissa Ratusima Arifi, Faris Idan Auliarahman, Kelvin Lowenchris, Michael Kelvin, and Sa Bashkaran Adi Warman brought the theme of mental health because currently, it is still very far from good.

“Apart from the lack of public awareness of mental health, access to assistance for sufferers is also lacking,” explained Janu representing the team.

This application, he continued, will assist in solving problems not only for people who have mental health problems but also help educate the public regarding the importance of maintaining mental health.

WYIE itself is a research competition to encourage creativity and innovation for young researchers. The competition is organized by MINDS (Malaysian Invention and Design Society) and is the annual flagship event of ITEX (International Invention, Innovation, and Technology Exhibition). [humasFT]