Graduating in 3,3 Years, FISIP Alumni Now Working in Company from Singapore

Failing twice to pass the selection for the Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA), Annisa Putri Nindya S.IP, an alumna of International Relations at Universitas Brawijaya, did not give up. She was then able to graduate in 3.3 years.

Annisa was one of the graduates of period 1 of the 2023/2024 academic year which was held last Saturday (26/8/2023). Not only did she graduate in a short time, now this 2019 HI student is already working at, a company from Carousell Group from Singapore.

“Now I work at, an e-commerce company that is a pioneer in buying and selling pre-loved goods safely,” she said, Tuesday (29/8/2023).

Short graduation and now working, what’s the recipe? Annisa adheres to the principle of always having a plan A, B C and so on.

“Don’t stick to one plan without another plan,” she said.

This principle led Annisa to complete her thesis quickly. She chose to take a thesis theme which was completed quickly. One of them is joining the research umbrella of HI lecturers with a guarantee that they can graduate in a maximum of 3.5 years.

“Mrs. Erza Killian helped me join her research umbrella. “I considered it and I thought that if I could graduate soon, I could study abroad via scholarship,” she said.

Joining this research umbrella allowed Annisa to graduate quickly. Moreover, there was a request to graduate immediately from the lecturer.

“She (Erza Killian) is a great lecturer and there is no such thing as postponing or difficulty with guidance, in fact we are the ones being chased to finish our thesis as soon as possible,” she said.

“So I graduated quickly, this is a combination of my determination plus supportive and cooperative lecturers,” continued Annisa.

Before graduating, Annisa was active in several organizations such as LKM Blidz and AIESEC. She has also taken part in the Independent Camus program at a social startup called

Now, Annisa focuses on working at She wants to build a career while looking for opportunities to get scholarships abroad for his master’s degree. (FISIP PR/ OKY/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir)