LPP : Workshop on Implementation of Independent Campus Learning (MBKM) Academic and Vocational in UB Environment

Resource person: Dra.Megawati Santoso, Ph.D from ITB, when giving material on the Workshop on Implementation of Academic and Vocational MBKM in UB Environment

Universitas Brawijaya Educational Development Institute (LPP UB) held a workshop entitled “Implementation of Academic and Vocational Independent Campus Learning (MBKM) in Universitas Brawijaya Environment offline, at Ballroom 3 of Ijen Suites Resort and Convention, Thursday (31/08/2023).

This workshop activity was attended by the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs at the Faculty of Universitas Brawijaya, Vice Director for Academic Affairs and Cooperation PSDKU Kediri, Expert Staff of the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Chair of the Educational Relevance Development Center, Head of the Center for UB Educational Development Institute, Team for the Educational Relevance Development Center (P2RP ) and Head of the Study Program (KPS) within Universitas Brawijaya environmrnt.

Prof. Dr. Eng. Widya Wijayanti, ST., M.T as the chief organizer of the Workshop said that this activity was a series of activities of the Center for Educational Relevance Development (P2RP) which is responsible for developing the curriculum and studying the curriculum that has been prepared by DIKTI.

“The hope of this activity is that we will have the insight to be able to develop the existing curriculum, so that it can be implemented in the Study Program and can improve the quality of competence of our graduates,” explained Prof. Widya

Meanwhile the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Prof. Dr. Ir. Imam Santoso, MP, really appreciates and fully supports this activity.

He added that this workshop activity was held in order to review and evaluate the Independent Learning Campus (MBKM) journey at Universitas Brawijaya.

“In 2020, higher education institutions were shocked by the Minister’s policy regarding MBKM, in terms of concept and in terms of policy including the programs, so that academic study programs were in a hurry to follow this policy, because it not only became an obligation but was also monitored and given rewards or punishment related to the achievements of IKU in Higher Education, ultimately, inevitably the university must follow this policy,” said Prof. Imam.

“In essence, we must continue to be ready to change because the strategic environment is developing far and faster than we think and our readiness to respond is of course by using academic corridors,” he added.

The resource person for the workshop was delivered by Dra.Megawati Santoso, Ph.D from ITB who is an expert team from Dikti and Diksi, she is also the Chair of the MBKM Curriculum Preparation Team, MBKM Proposal Evaluator and Chair of the Vocational Higher Education Curriculum Team.

The enthusiasm of the workshop participants during the question and answer session

This workshop serves as an important platform for Universitas Brawijaya to navigate and implement the transformative changes brought by the MBKM policy, ensuring that academic and vocational programs remain responsive and in line with continuously developing education. (WHY/UB PR/Trans. Iir)