LPP UB Holds Workshop on AI Based Innovative Learning

Participants of AI-based Innovative Learning Workshop Batch I

Brawijaya University Educational Development Institute (LPP UB) through the Learning Activity and Technology Development Center (P2ATP) held AI-based Innovative Learning Workshop in the Digital Transformation Era for Brawijaya University Lecturers Batch 1. The event took place at the Micro Teaching Laboratory, Joint Services Building, 10th Floor of Brawijaya University on Thursday, February 29 2024.

This activity was attended by the Head of LPP UB Center and his team and 40 lecturer representatives from various faculties in UB.

Head of LPP UB, Prof. Dr. Dr. Loeki Enggar Fitri, M.Kes., Sp.ParK, in his speech expressed his thanks to all lecturer participants who had taken part in the workshop activities. Prof. Loeki emphasized that participants who received certificates were those who participated in the activity from the beginning to the end.

He also added that since February 15 2023, UB Rector has declared UB as an AI Campus. In this context, it is hoped that several units can help in developing AI technology, so that with this AI technology, it can be integrated both in education and in research.

“This AI-based Innovative Learning Workshop will be held in two waves, namely the first wave is today and the second wave will be held on March 5 2024,” added Prof. Loeki.

Prof. Dr. Agustin Krisna Wardani, S.TP., M.Si., Expert Staff of Vice Rector I, opened the event by saying that this activity was very important. With AI, both lecturers and students are expected to gain great benefits. It will be easier for lecturers to search and present learning material, as well as provide more accurate assessments to students.

“Even though AI technology has many benefits, we must also realize that AI has weaknesses. We, as lecturers, must be wise in using it. We hope that AI can increase effectiveness, productivity and provide solutions amidst increasing burdens,” said Prof. Augustine

Although AI provides many benefits, we must also be aware of the negative impacts it may have. It is hoped that this workshop will provide benefits according to the desired goals.

The speaker on the use of AI for teaching preparation in making RPS, determining CPMK, determining the type of assessment, making assessment rubrics is Wibisono Sukmo Wardhono, S.T., M.T while Aswin Suharsono, S.T., M.T. delivered material on the use of AI to create teaching materials, teaching modules, presentation slides, assessment questions, and assessment. (WDD/ UB PR/ Trans. Iir)

Prof. Dr. Agustin Krisna Wardani, S.TP., M.Si., Expert Staff of Vice Rector I, while giving a speech
Participants were very enthusiastic to participate in AI-based Innovative Learning Workshop